Event: Beth Heinly & Meghan Turbitt

Friday, June 21st at 6pm
Brickbat Books:

Beth Heinly & Meghan Turbitt

Joins us! Friday June 21st at Brickbat Books, the best little, our favorite, book store in Philadelphia, 6-8pm at the birth of summer for *new comics* - Meghan Turbitt's "Laughter Birth" the follow-up to "Pregnant & Fired" about being a new Mom and Beth Heinly's "Cursed" another journal comic inspired horror story about cleaning houses that is really sad and not funny actually. Are you sensing a theme here? Come purchase these two comic books which express the very nature of making a living, surviving and having a life in late capitalism. 

For this book signing event Meghan & Beth will be for the first time ever achieving a "Two Panel Comic Challenge", a "Two Comic Panel Challenge" where two comic artists draw one two panel comic together! These original comics come as inserts for each comic purchase. 

Refreshments for all! Do attend.

More about the artists:

Meghan Turbitt is a self-described conservative media personality (lol) on social media. She lives in South Philadelphia with her baby daddy, daughter Billie "the chip" and two cats. Meghan's comics are a humorous romp in journal comic-ing, flipping the genre on its' edge stylistically - her lines are loose, improvised - like her sense of humor. You will feel like you have a new best friend once you start reading Turbz comics. Follow Meghan where ever you get your creative news feed on twitter @RIPMeghan, instagram @chips_and_tingles.

Beth Heinly is a self-described artist on social media. She lives in Philadelphia, nearly destitute. She writes an advice column on art making practice entitled "Ask Artblog" on theartblog.org along with her long running weekly journal comic "The 3:00 Book". Beth's comics are dark, strident, biting humor on the abject of mundane existence. That actually makes them sound more important than they are tbh. Currently she is desperate for patreons, so please do sign up: patreon.com/bethheinly, membership comes with all sorts of prizes and exclusive weekly comics. As if she doesn't have enough to do, you should follow her social media accounts if you are interested in guerrilla performance art, comics or cats @berthheiny. Tweets too @bethheinly