Event: A Reading with Stacy Wakefield and Zachary Lipez (Akashic Books)

Thursday, May 9th at 7pm
Brickbat Books:

A Reading with 
Stacy Wakefield and Zachary Lipez 
(Akashic Books)

STACY WAKEFIELD's novel Sunshine Crust Baking Factory is a riveting coming-of-age story that follows a young woman who squats abandoned buildings with comrades in 1990s New York City. 

Wakefield's artist books, published for many years under the imprint Evil Twin, have been collected by institutions include the Museum of Modern Art in New York and London’s Tate Modern. She runs a studio dedicated solely to book design and production. Her first novel, The Sunshine Crust Baking Factory, was published by Akashic in 2015. She lives in the Catskills and Brooklyn. Her other collaborations with Akashic are Please Take Me Off the Guest List and 131 Different Things, both with Zachary Lipez and Nick Zinner.

ZACHARY LIPEZ will read from 131 Different Things, an intimate novella of love and loss wrought from the cultural underground, perfectly expressed in an inventive object that rediscovers the magical possibilities of the book.

Lipez lives in New York City, where he has tended bar for the last twenty years. He is a regular contributor to Noisey, and his music and culture writing have also appeared in Vice, Hazlitt, Pitchfork, Bandcamp Daily, Talkhouse, Inc., and Penthouse. His collaborations with Akashic Books, Nick Zinner, and Stacy Wakefield are Please Take Me Off the Guest List and 131 Different Things.