Sunday, September 28, 2008

EVENTS: 4PM Sunday, October 5: IMAGINATIONAL ANTHEM: George Stavis, Cian Nugent and Ben Reynolds

(Please note the early start time)



"19 years old, from Ireland. His debut EP is a CDR (ltd. ed. of 100) with six tracks recorded on a 70’s reel-to-reel machine, and the crude nature of it harks back to those early recordings of Davey Graham at Hull University. It even includes a re-working of Buell Kazee’s “Wagoner’s Lad”, famously covered by Bert Jansch. His debut for Tompkins Square is set for the first half of '09." -Tompkins Square

A member of the Glasgow/Leeds drone mafia (Ashtray Navigations, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Sunroof, etc.) “Here Toucheth Blues”, a highlight of 'Imaginational Anthem vol 3', is lilting and elegiac, a bit surprising as his fans are likely more familiar with his angular, raga-charged works. Ben is building a fantastic catalogue of solo recordings (and a multitude of side projects and collaborations), most recently the Solo Guitar/Inner Hills cassette featuring one side acoustic, the other, electric. His Tompkins Square debut surfaces in early '09." -Tompkins Square

A shadowy figure from decades past, seemingly undiminished by time and ripe for re-discovery, is the mysterious banjo picker, George Stavis. He recorded one album for Vanguard in 1969, Labyrinths, subtitled Occult Improvisational Compositions for 5-string banjo and percussion. This LP is the oddest and best banjo album of the period, only rivaled perhaps by fellow 5-stringer Billy Faier’s 1973 Takoma album – good luck finding an LP copy of either, however Labyrinths is available on CD. Stavis is pictured on the cover wearing a medieval robe and holding a glowing crystal ball. The record is a wonderful devil’s brew of ethnic, old-timey and psychedelics. He returns to the stage for the first time in decades." -Tompkins Square

"Tompkins Square's Imaginational Anthem series has not just unearthed the continuing steel-string tradition, but made it relevant." - eMusic
"Simply put, these are all essential recordings, they offer solid evidence of how the tradition continues from the '60s to the present day in the same way that albums by Fahey, Kottke, Crandell, Lang, John Renbourn, Bert Jansch, and countless others picked up on the lineages of the previous decades from folk, blues, prison songs and mountain and church music foundations, and brought it forth, shifted and changed and added and subtracted. This box is the latest entry in the long long logbook. Get it." - 4.5 / 5 stars, All Music Guide

"Taken as a whole, these three albums provide a comprehensive overview of the ongoing American Primitive movement, and will likely provide a large enough reservoir to tide you over handsomely should that acoustic guitar drought ever come." - Pitchfork

"The single most significant body of solo acoustic guitar music to be published in the 21st century so far" - Boomkat

"Solo Acoustic Guitar music to get excited about" - Variety

Saturday, September 27, 2008


An iconic, yet simple design; A list of authors and illustrators that reads as a who's who of American children's literature; A billion and a half copies sold over the past sixty years; A backlist that appears to contain thousands of titles; It's no wonder the Smithsonian has included it in its collection of Cultural History.

Margaret Wise Brown, Richard Scarry, James Marshall, Leonard Weisgard, Garth Williams, Tibor Gergely, Eloise Wilkin, Gustav Tenggren, Alice and Martin Provensen, Feodor Rojankovsky, Anita Lobel; the list is endless, and every year a box of lost classics appears here in the shop. Sure there are duds in the batch, many of them Disney related. But even among the Disney titles, there are a number of lovely classics, often illustrated by the great golden age Disney animators. Even the Sesame Street titles from the 1970s are infinitely better than their current pale and bloodless counterparts (shame on you Sesame Street!) and much loved by adults of a certain age, and their children. But it's those titles from the mid-forties through the early sixties (Golden Books started as an austerity line during WWII. Also, at 25 cents, they were much more affordable than your typical three dollar children's book) that are so compelling.

Richard Scarry spent most of his career at Golden Books. His early painterly style is gorgeous, and a revelation to those familiar only with his later amphetamine-like "Busy Town" style. Eloise Wilkin's cherubic illustrations are often at odds with the un-reconstructed Brothers Grimm/ Mother Goose stories she chooses. Margaret Wise Brown's prodigious output for Little Golden Books, only reinforces the strangeness and abstraction hinted at in her more famous work. It's like a Hollywood musical. She drops everything mid-sentence and starts rhyming, and then just as abruptly, stops. Characters shift from anthropomorphic to biologically and behaviorally real. Tibor Gergely's take on Thomas Hart Benton and Rojankovsky's Expressionism for Toddlers, are illustrative styles that would be lost to history if not for the perpetuation of these titles. I dare you to find a protagonist in today's children's picture books who not only is cheered for driving recklessly, but smokes cigarettes that look like they were scrounged off the curb outside Grand Central Station (The Taxi That Hurried).

All titles can be purchased from:

Brickbat Books
709 South Fourth Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

215 592 1207

Open every day, 11am to 7pm.

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Friday, September 26, 2008


The Autobiography & Sex Life of ANDY WARHOL

Paperback 4to, Other Scenes, Inc. 1971


A very satisfying Warhol/Factory document; has that b&w, pulpy, elegantly crappy feel that made the 60s era Warhol so compelling. Kind of an oral history of Warhol by Factory denizens, Lou Reed, Nico, and various art world folk.

All titles can be purchased from:

Brickbat Books
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Monday, September 22, 2008


Bruce Conner: Beat, experimental film-maker and assemblage artist. Kind of like an acid-gobbling Max Ernst from Wichita.

Bruce Conner: Inkblot Drawings – Engraving Collages (Paperbound)

Exhibition catalog, 1997

32 pages, 11 illustration plates. With interviewtext by Michael Kohn and Bruce Conner


Bruce Conner: Drawings, Voume 1, 1960-1968

Exhibition catalog, 1999

38 pages, 20 illustration plates with text by Barry Schwabsky

$35.00 SOLD!

Bruce Conner: Twenty-Two Inkblot Drawings, 1991-1999

Exhibition cataloge, 2000

48 pages, 22 illustration platesWith text by Michael Kohn


Two films by Bruce Conner :
Crossroads (1976) and Looking For Mushrooms (1959-1965 and 1996 )

Music by Patrick Gleeson and Terry Riley

DVD, Color and Black & White

$95.00 SOLD!

The Ballad of Lemon and Crow

by Glenn Todd, with six photogravures and ink-blot drawings by Bruce Conner and Anonymous Artists, 2002.

Hardcover in slipcase, with accompanying prospectus.
Limited Edition of 270 copies of which this is number 135. Signed by the author and the artist.


All titles can be purchased from:

Brickbat Books
709 South Fourth Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

215 592 1207

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Sunday, September 21, 2008


Über-fan Scott Slimm trawls the smokey, booze-soaked back alleys of Tokyo, Brooklyn, Beijing and Philadelphia, obsessively documenting a live music scene which seems to be expanding and disappearing simultaneously. Returning to his suburban bunker in New Jersey, he then assembles an international crackjack team of technicians, where, inspired by J Crew catalogs, over-the-top wedding invitations and late-summer Jersey Shore medical waste, they spare no expense to produce stunning packaging worthy of the music contained within. All limited to a couple hundred copies ("Once we've assembled the first one, the rest seem kind of pointless...")

AI ASO The Chamomile Pool Show (DVD) $20.00
"The Chamomile pool DVD documents concert footage from Ai Aso from 2007 in Tokyo. Hypnotically delicate, angelic and minimal in structure Ai, accompanied by her band, and with guest appearance by Wata and Kurihara for a portion, craft her unique blend of songwriting and psychedelic musicianship. Produced by Atsuo, of Boris, and edited and directed by Ryuta Murayama of foodunited (responsible for Boris DVD’s, Greenmachine, Stupid Babies Gone Mad). To date represent Ai’s first non-Japanese release. Offset printed DVD comes housed in a heavy stock diecut letterpress printed ½ fold cover. Pressing of 600 copies." -aRCHIVE


LSD MARCH "Big Jar Solo Sets" (DVD) SOLD!

Live at Big Jar, Philadelphia. Three solo sets performed by each of the members of LSD March. Shinsuke and Masami each weigh in with a lovely solo guitar/voice set, while Takahashi piles on the oscillators, with a set that slowly builds until most of the audience comically flee to the one acoustically dead space in the store, and then Takahashi unbuilds his wall of skull-piercing drone, leaving behind a quivering lump of human flesh.

SITAAR TAH! Semimimimimin (CD) $13.95 SOLD!

All sitar orchestra recently backed Haino on the Animamima CD . Some truly fine drone.

RELIGIOUS KNIVES "Live at Big Jar Books, 08/15/07" (CD) $13.95 SOLD!

My favorite Religious Knives release. Rocks and rolls a lot harder than the recent Troubleman release.

500mg “Another order of existence” (aRCHIVE45 CD) $11.95

"A pressing of 500. A two part experimental acoustic guitar offer funneled through a train load of pedals and effect and then ejected from a Marshall ½ stack from Michael Gibbons of Bardo Pond (and all things Philadelphia and psychedelic). Recorded by Scott Slimm in 2007 at the worlds nosiest book store, BigJar in Philly. The CD edition comes housed in a slightly taller sleeve with two color silk screen work by Alan Sherry of SIWA on a heavyweight 140lb paper. The front cover is die cut with and inserted picture from the performance printed on vellum, all hand glued and assembled by myself. Graphic work by Demian Johnston. " -aRCHIVE

PAUL METZGER “Canticle of Ignat/ All Glass” (aRCHIVE46 CD) SOLD!

"A pressing of 500, and CD+7." One track played on modified acoustic guitar and one track played on modified Banjo. For those unfamiliar with Saint Paul’s Mr Metzger his works offer and amazing mix of Indian ragas crossed with a junk yard band feel, highly evolved and incredible unique. Recorded by Scott Slimm in 2007 at BigJar in Philly. A fantastic piece of documentation offered in unaltered form. The CD edition comes housed in a slightly taller sleeve with two color silk screen work by Alan Sherry of SIWA on a heavyweight 140lb paper. The front cover is die cut with and inserted picture from the performance printed on vellum, all hand glued and assembled. Graphic work by Demian Johnston. " -aRCHIVE

KOUSOKUYA "Echoes From Deep Underground" (DVD+CD) SOLD!

The late Jutok Kaneko and Co. live in Osaka in 2001.

LI JIANHONG San Sheng Shi (CD) $13.95

Noise guitar from China. Makes the mind reel when you figure the noise scene in China could be marginal and still contain a gazillion people. We could reverse migration and ship all the kids from Brooklyn over...

All titles can be purchased from:

Brickbat Books
709 South Fourth Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147
215 592 1207

Open every day, 11am to 7pm.
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

EVENTS: Mon. Sept. 22: Liz Albee, Charles Cohen, Katt Hernandez, John Barrios, Carlos Santiago, Latina Lickers






"Liz Allbee (trumpet) from Oakland, Ca. is a major player in the Bay Area's experimental music scene. She is a voracious musician whose work spans many genres, including new music, improvisation, electronic composition, Asian folk and pop, noise, minimalist, free jazz and experimental rock. She has played with a wide array of musicians, including Anthony Braxton, Wadada Leo Smith, Cecil Taylor, Hans Grusel, Birgit Uhler, Alberto Braida, Raed Yassin, Gino Robair and with members of Caroliner, Sun City Girls, and Rova.

Fresh off performing at the renowned High Zero Fest in Baltimore, for her Philadelphia performance she is being joined by buchla master Charles Cohen and the equally genre-defying Katt Hernandez on violin.

Cecilia and Manya are the Latina Lickers. Charles says to expect cool low key electronic ambient sounds. Given the projects we are familiar with (musical and theatrical - ie Moth In Love) I'm not expecting it to be that low key...

Jon Barrios (bass) is one of the most in demand improvisors in Philadelphia right now. Tonight he is performing in a duo with Carlos Santiago (violin), a member of Normal Love who is also at home with the most out there microtonal improvised sounds."
-Fire Museum

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


HENRY FLYNT: People Think, 1998 (Spiral-Bound) $24.95

All titles can be purchased from:

Brickbat Books
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Thursday, September 11, 2008


WED, SEPTEMBER 17th at 8pm:


"When Ai Aso sings solo there's a special fluctuation that I never hear when she plays with her band. This is real songform. She creates an amazing sense of psychedelic space that I never hear in other singers." - Hideo Ikeezumi (P.S.F. Records)

Ai Aso is part of the well loved Michio Kurihara/Boris/White Heaven stable of Japanese psych/rock/folk artists, here making her touring US debut, and her only East Cost appearance. Her album Chamomile Pool, released last year on Pedal Records, was a masterpiece, blending fragile psych folk, pop, and even prog rock (also showcased on her covering of "Islands" by King Crimson on her split 7" with Wata from Boris). -Pedal Records

"...a sweet slab of blasted and wandering psych de-tunage with a musical thrust that orients this more toward a species of Byron Coley-endorsed American loner psych action (think: Bob Bannister) than toward his contemporaries in the Japanese underground." -Mutant Sounds

"...rank(s) right up there with Joelle Leandre and Eugene Chadbourne, as far as wild passionate and extremely diverse playing goes. Spooky, dark, dissonant, often psychedelic. -Mufaor, KZSU

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


RAYMOND QUENEAU, EyeSeas (Les Ziaux) (PB) $12.95

JOHN KINSELLA, Divine Comedy (W.W. Norton) (HB) 19.95

JAMES TATE, The Ghost Soldiers (Harper Collins) (HB) 11.95

BRAD LEITHAUSER, Curves and Angles (Alfred Knopf) (HB) 9.95

MAUREEN N. MCLANE, Same Life (Farrar, Strauss and Giroux) (HB) 10.95

DAVID ERDMAN (ed), The Complete Poetry & Prose of William Blake, (University of CA) (HB) 44.95

CLIVE JAMES, Opal Sunset (W.W. Norton) (HB) 18.95

RICHARD HOWARD, Without Saying (Turtle Point) (PB) 9.95

ANNE STEVENSON, Selected Poems (American Poets Project) (HB) 9.95

ROBERT MCDOWELL, Poetry as Spiritual Practice (Free Press) (HB) 10.50

FRANK BIDART, Watching the Spring Festival (Farrar, Strauss and Giroux) (HB) 11.95

JAY PARINI, Why Poetry Matters (Yale Univ Press) (HB) 14.95

EURIPIDES, Medea (Free Press) (HB) 11.95

MOLLY PEACOCK, The Second Blush (W.W. Norton) (HB) 11.95

MARIO VARGAS LLOSA, Wellsprings (Harvard) (HB) 8.95

TINA CHANG, Language for a New Century (W.W. Norton) (PB) 15.95

DONALD HALL, Unpacking the Boxes (Houghton Mifflin) (HB) 14.50

ADRIENNE RICH, Telephone Ringing in the Labyrinth (W.W. Norton) (HB) 13.95

FRANZ WRIGHT, Earlier Poems (Alfred Knopf) (HB) 12.95

MARGE PIERCY, The Crooked Inheritance (Alfred Knopf) (HB) 11.95

MICHAEL PALMER, Active Boundaries (New Directions) (PB) 12.95

CHARLES BERNSTEIN, Girly Mam (University of Chicago) (HB) 11.95

MARK STRAND, New Selected Poems (Alfred Knopf) (HB) 14.95

INGER CHRISTENSEN, It (New Directions) (PB) 10.95

LARS GUSTAFSSON, A Time in Xanadu (Copper Canyon) (PB) 8.95

ROBERT CREELEY, If I Were Writing This (New Directions) (PB) 11.95

ANNE WALDMAN, Red Noir (Farfalla) (PB) 12.95

AYUKAWA NOBUO, America (Kaya) (PB) 8.95

JILL SCOTT, The Moments, the Minutes, the Hours (St. Martin's Griffin) (PB) 7.50

PETER COLE, Things on Which I've Stumbled (New Directions) (PB) 8.95

SUSAN GARDNER, Box of Light/ Caja de Luz (Red Mountain) (PB) 10.95

ADRIAN HENRI, Selected and Unpublished (Liverpool University) (PB) 15

Descant: Fifty Years (TCU Press) (HB) 13.95

M.L. LIBLER, Wide Awake in Someone Else's Dream (Wayne State) (PB) 9.95

TOM LOMBARDO (ed), After Shocks (Santa Lucia) (PB) 14.95

VALERIO MAGRELLI, Instructions on How to Read a Newspaper and Other Poems (Chelsea Editions) (PB) 14.95

RAUAN KLASSNIK, Holy Land (Black Ocean) (PB) 11.95

JUSTIN QUINN, The Cambridge Introduction to Modern Irish Poetry, 1800-2000 (Cambridge University) (PB) 14.95

BROOKS HAXTON, They Lift Their Wings to Cry (Alfred Knopf) (HB) 12

LILA ZEMBORAIN, Mauve Sea-Orchids (Belladona) (PB) 15.95

HEIDI LYNN STAPLES, Dog Girl (Ahsahta) (PB) 9.95

MAGGIE NELSON, Something Bright, Then Holes (Soft Skull) (PB) 9.95

LAUREL BLOSSOM, Degrees of Latitude (Four Way) (PB) 9.95

MARTIN ESPADA, The Republic of Poetry (W.W. Norton) (HB) 11.95

MICHAEL MAGEE, My Angie Dickinson (Zasterle) (PB) 14.95

MEDBH MCGUCKIAN, The Currach Requires No Harbours (Wake Forrest) (PB) 8.95

RUTH STONE, What Love Comes To (Copper Canyon) (HB) 13.95

ANIA PATTERSON, Race, American Literature and Transnational Modernisms (Cambridge University) (HB) 56.95

MAO ZEDONG- The Poems of Mao Zedong (University of California) (HB) 11.95

ELAINE SEXTON, Causeway (New Issues) (PB) 7.95

ODYSSEUS ELYTIS, Selected Poems 1940-1979 (Anvil) (PB) 9.95

LESLEY WHEELER, Voicing American Poetry (Cornell) (PB) 14.95

RYAN MURPHY, Down With the Ship (Otis) (PB) 11

NANA LAMPTON, The Moon With the Sun in Her Eye (Fleur-de-Lis) (HB) 10.95

The Best American Erotic Poems (Scribner) (HB) 9.95

JAMES HOGG, A Queer Book (Edinburgh) (PB) 14.95

The Making of a Sonnet: A Norton Anthology (W.W. Norton) (HB) 17.50

Inclined to Speak: An Anthology of Contemporary Arab American Poetry (University of Arkansas) (PB) 14.95

THOMAS JAMES, Letters to a Stranger (Graywolf) (PB) 8.95

KEVIN YOUNG, For the Confederate Dead (Alfred Knopf) (HB) 9.95

LORNA GOODISON, From Harvey River (Amistad) (HB) 12.95

PHILIP SCHULTZ, Failure (Harcourt) (HB) 11.50

MARTIN ESPADA, The Republic of Poetry (W.W. Norton) (PB) 7.95

ROBERT BLY (trans), The Angles Knocking on the Tavern Door (Harper) (HB) 10.95

SIMON ARMITAGE, Tyrannosaurus Rex Versus the Corduroy Kid (Alfred Knopf) (HB) 14.95

DEBORAH BAKER, A Blue Hand: The Beats in India (Penguin) (HB) 13.95

MARY KINZIE, California Sorrow (Alfred Knopf) (HB) 9.95

ALEX LEMON, Hallelujah Blackout (Milkweed) (PB) 8.50

PHYLLIS WAT, The Influence of Paintings Hung in Bedrooms (United Artists) (PB) 7.95

KRISTI MAXWELL, Realm Sixty-Four (Ahsahta) (PB) 11.50

BETTY ADCOCK, Slantwise (Louisiana University) (PB) 9.95

JAMES AGEE, Selected Poems (Library of America) (PB) 6.95

MELANIE ALMEDER, On Dream Street (Tupelo) (PB) 9.50

A. R. AMMONS, Collected Poems (1951-71) (Norton) (PB) 11.95

INGEBORG BACHMANN, Darkness Spoken (Zephyr) (PB) 14.95

CHARLES BERNSTEIN, Girly Man (University of Chicago) (PB) 9.95

ROBERT BLY, Turkish Pears In August (Eastern Washington University) (PB) 9.95

BOETHIUS, Fortune's Prisoner (Anvil) (PB) 9.95

MARIANNE BORUCH, Grace, Fallen from (Wesleyan University) (HB) 13.95

CORAL BRACHO, Firefly Under the Tongue (New Directions) (PB) 9.95

KATE COLBY, Unbecoming Behavior (Ugly Duckling) (PB) 11.95

STANLEY CRAWFORD, Some Instructions (Dalkey Archive) (PB) 7.95

W.S. DI PIERO, Chinese Apples (Alfred A. Knopf) HB) 13.95

JOHANNA DRUCKER AN SUSAN BEE, A Girl's Life (Granary) PB) 11.95

PAUL ELUARD, Love, Poetry (Black Widow) PB) 12.95

MARTIN ESPADA, Crucifixion in the Plaza de Armas (Smoke Stack) (PB) 12.95

PAUL FATTARUSO, Bicycle (Hotel St. George) (PB) 6.95

ELAINE FEINSTEIN, Anna of All the Russians (Alfred A. Knopf) (HB) 14.95

LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI, Coney Isaland of the Mind (New Directions) (HB) 14.95

LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI, Poetry As Insurgent Art (New Directions) (HB) 8.50

THE FOURS SEASONS: POEMS (Everyman's Library) (HB) 7.95

RICHARD GILBERT, Poems of Conciousness (Red Moon) (PB) 22.95 (w/ CD!)

LARS GUSTAFSSON, A Time in Xanadu (Copper Canyon) (PB) 8.95

JACK HIRSHMAN, All That's Left (City Lights Foundation) (PB) 6.95

BANJAMIN HOLLANDER, Vigilance (Beyond Baroque Books) (PB) 6.95

HELFGOTT HYETT, Rift (The University of Arkansas) (PB) 8.95

JOHN ISLES, Inverse Sky (University of Iowa) (PB) 8.95

RODNEY JONES, Salvation Blues (First Mariner) (PB) 8.95

CAROLINE KNOX, Quaker Guns (Wave Books) (PB) 7.95

DAVID LEHMAN (ED), The Best American Erotic Poems (Scribner) (PB) 8.95

GABRIEL LEVIN, The Maltese Dreambook (Anvil) (PB) 9.95

ALESSANDRA LYNCH, It was a terrible cloud at twilight (Pleiades) (PB) 8.95

SARAH MACLAY, The White Bride (University of Tampa) (PB) 11.00

CLARENCE MAJOR, Myself Painting (Louisiana State) (PB) 12.00

DOUGLAS A. MARTIN, In the Time of Assignments (soft skull) (PB) 8.95

MATTHEW MEAD, The Autumn-Born In Autumn (Anvil) (PB) 11.95

W. S. MERWIN, Spanish Ballads (Copper Canyon) (PB) 8.95

VALZHYNA MORT, Factory of Tears (Copper Canyon) (PB) 7.50

ANNA MOSCHOVAKIS, I Have Not Been Able to Get Through to Everyone (Turtle Point) 7.95

PABLO NERUDA, The Hands of Day (Copper Canyon) (PB) 10.95

MICHAEL PALMER, Active Boundries (New Directions) (PB) 12.95

ED PALVIC, Winners Have Yet To Be Announced (University of Georgia) (PB) 11.95

OCTAVIO PAZ, Figures & Figurations (New Directions) (PB) 11.95

KEVEN POWELL, No Sleep Till Brooklyn (soft skull) (PB) 9.00

ANNA RABINOWITZ, The Wanton Sublime (Tupelo) (PB) 8.95

RA'HEL, Flowers of Perhaps, (The Toby Press) (PB) 8.50

RILKE AND ANDREAS-SALOME, A Love Story Through Letters (Norton) (PB) 9.95

RILKE (ULRICH BAER, ED), The Wisdom of Rilke (The Modern Library) (HB) 9.95

MICHAEL ROBERTSON, Worshipping Walt: The Whitman Disciples (Princeton) (HB) 16.95

MARY JO SALTER, A Phone Call to the Future (Alfred A. Knopf) (HB) 9.95

ED SANDERS, Revs of the Morrow (Libellum) (PB) 8.95

LESLIE SCALAPINO, It's go in horizontal (University of California) (PB) 10.95

MATTHEW SCHWARTZ, Blessings for the Hands (University of Chicago) (PB) 7.95

B. T. SHAW, This Dirty Little Heart (Eastern Washington University) (PB) 7.95

REGINALD SHEPHERD, Orpheus in the Bronx (University of Michigan) (PB) 10.95

JANE SHORE, A Yes-or-No Answer (Houghton Mifflin) (HB) 11.95

STAN SMITH, poetry & displacement (Liverpool University) (HB) 28.95

WILLIAM STAFFORD, Another World Instead (Graywolf) (HB) 11.95

MAURA STANTON, Immortal Sofa (University of Illinois) (PB) 9.50

MARK SVENVOLD, Empire Burlesque (Ohio State University) (PB) 7.95

RABINDRANATH TAGORE, The Golden Boat (Anvil) (PB) 12.95

TRYFON TOLIDES, An Almost Pure Empty Walking (Penguin) (PB) 8.95

GERALD VIZENOR, almost ashore (Salt) (PB) 8.95

CONNIE VOISINE, Rare High Meadow Of Which I Might Dream (U of Chicago)(PB) 7.95

LEWIS WARSH, Inseparable (1995-2005) (Granary) (PB) 9.95

MICHAEL WIEGERS (ED), This Art: Poems About Poetry (Copper Canyon) (PB) 7.95

BRUCE WEIGL, Declension in the Village of Chung Luong (Ausable) (PB) 7.95

JACK WILER, Fun Being Me (CavanKerry) (PB) 7.95

LISA WILLIAMS, Woman Reading to the SEA (Norton) (HB) 11.95

GABRIEL ZAID, The Secret of Fame (Paul Dry Books) (HB) 8.95

Monday, September 8, 2008

EVENTS: Wed. Sept 10th: Pillars and Tongues, Jason Henn, Eric Carbonara

This Wed. Sept 10th at 8pm:




"...psychedelic, free-jazz, chamberfolk-jamms; a kind of soul-searching free-music or celestial cinema. Violin, upright bass, melodica, organ, and harmonica..." -Foxy Digitalis

"Eric Carbonara is a Philadelphia based multi-instrumentalist & recording engineer, whose search for raw aural expression has led him far and wide – from noise & electro-acoustic music to taking deep root in the bounty of the wooden guitar. Carbonara's playing draws on the rich musical styles from Andalusian Roma-Flamenco to Hindustani & North African folk to form a kind of exalted pidgin style of playing that covers a wide emotional terrain from meditative calm to restless unease. His live solo performances range from contemplative acoustic meditations to aggressively loud electric sets. Carbonara is a regular collaborator in the improvisational outfit, Evil Eye Sound System & plays with the Philly psych-rock group, Soft People."

....a bit of a mystery...includes Jason Henn from Elephant Micah.