Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Event: Five Kinds Of Infinity: An Evening Of Readings

Five Kinds Of Infinity
An Evening of Readings at Brickbat Books
7pm, Saturday, November 21st, 2015
Brickbat Books, 709 S 4th St, Philadelphia 

Eric de Jesus
Colin Seven
Gillian Riley
Lindsay Raspi
Erik Bader

Complimentary drinks provided by: Art in the Age and Narragansett Beer.

Eric de Jesus
was born of Filipino sweethearts in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He is currently writing a sort of fairie tale (which is set to strange music) involving a seagull named Hermione who thinks intelligent thoughts like humans and 2 stowaway children aboard a Chinese container ship that they have commandeered in order to escape society. He lived in Philadelphia from the mid 80s to the late 90s, when Philly was either cooler or crappier than it is today (who's to say?). His books include Cult Of The Moon (Sloow LeyLines Press, Belgium 2008) We Won't Be Here Forever (Future Recordings, Oakland 2010) and innumerable stories and spoken recordings. de Jesus's writing has appeared in Belleville Park Pages (France), Giant Robot (USA), Exile Osaka (Japan), Raw Pogo On The Scaffold (USA) and other publications. He enjoys splitting firewood, splitting bottles of red wine and walking the dark forests of other countries. ericdejesusspokenword.bandcamp.com

Colin Seven was born in Baltimore into a blue collar world on the 2nd of June 1973 and raised on skateboards, bicycles and Saturday morning cartoons. He left school at an early age and spent his formative years traveling the United States playing in rock and roll bands. His primary literary interests are repair manuals and technical journals pertaining to vintage motorcycles and rare firearms. Building engines, world travel and hanging out with dogs are among his favorite past times. Although rarely seen in public, he is reported to be easily approached and pleasant to speak with. colinseven.wordpress.com

Gillian Riley was born New Years Day 1987 during the worst snowstorm in Lucerne's recent history. The youngest of seven children, she was often overlooked by her otherwise loving nautical engineer parents and thus turned inward for sources of entertainment. Shunning the restrictive conditions of her catholic schooling in Geneva, she fled at the age of 13 to Tangiers where she spent five years apprenticing for internationally renowned carpet weaver Jans Borgen Sufertine. Upon her graduation to master weaver, Gillian abdicated her title and followed her heart's inner story to New York City. Stumbling into an open door one December eve to shield herself from the cold, Gillian found herself in the gallery of visiting artist Eric de Jesus. Agreeing to work odd jobs in return for a small room above the gallery, she was able to support herself and nurture her craft while in the presence of her fellow greats. Now nationally recognized as a certain future poet laureate, Gil continues to paint, write, and perform in and around NYC. As Gil once said, "I am fruit on a tree."
Thank you.

Lindsay Raspi
writes poetry and is from Baltimore, Maryland. She is co-organizer of the Shade Series group readings in Baltimore. Publications include Carbon Cycles, Parts and Labor, contributions to the first issue of the sophiajacob gallery’s miaaiden, and contributions to the Proliferate poetry zine.

Erik Bader
is the author of three novels, "The Pilot and the Panda", "The Daily Miltonian", and "The New American Novel", and is currently writing a script for fantasy barbarian comic book called "Gor the Unbeliever" and a crypto-masonic New Jersey epic that he describes as "Springsteen meets Lovecraft", entitled "The Keith Line". None of these works are published. Yet.

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