Thursday, October 1, 2015

Featured: Three by Suehiro Maruo

Suehiro Maruo, Maruo Graph DX II
Paperback with Dust Wrapper

"Maruo EX II showcases Maruo’s recent works within it's stunning pages. The book design is taken from the ‘EX’ series, it still has a modern-exotic touch with an mysterious atmosphere of old-time Tokyo, associating with Maruo’s retro style. The included works are illustrations in magazine, book designs as well as rough sketches. Thanks to Maruo’s unique and consistent style, his work is always providing fresh impacts and gaining new fans. This is a must-have book to treasure for Maruo fans all over the world."

Suehiro Maruo, Maruo Graph DX I
Paperback with Dust Wrapper

Volume one of Maruo Graph

Edogawa Rampo & Suehiro Maruo
The Strange Tale Of Panorama Island
"Set in 1920s Japan, The Strange Tale of Panorama Island follows the twisted path of failed novelist Hitomi, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the son of a rich industrialist.
Hitomi learns of the rich man’s sudden death and creates a desperate plan, successfully impersonating the now-dead son. Hitomi takes over all aspects of the industrialist’s life, including his company, his fortune, and eventually his wife. There he redirects the family’s wealth to his own perverse aims.
On a remote and mysterious island, he builds for himself a playground of hedonistic excess—replete with decadent feasts, orgies, and dark secrets.
Stunning artwork by master manga artist Suehiro Maruo deftly illustrates this Japanese pulp classic in lush detail. Maruo adapted this manga from a novella by Edogawa Rampo, the Godfather of Japanese detective fiction. "

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