Thursday, December 4, 2014

Featured: Funeral For A Home

Funeral For A Home

In stock!  Here's what Philebrity has to say...

"Earlier this year, Tyler School of Art’s Temple Contemporary staged an art project/event called Funeral For A Home which was a loving (if melancholy) meditation on the nature of blight. Aided by artists Steven and Billy Dufala, the project worked with community members in Mantua to tell the story, from “birth” to demise, of a property at 3711 Melon Street, capped off by a proper “funeral”-type event. At the heart of the project was a mournful telling of numbers and realities that, in their own way, are nearly as difficult to process as a human death: At the turn of the 20th Century, Philly was building ten new rowhomes per day — today, the City tears down 600 per year. And though in recent years, both historical preservation and gentrification in various neighborhoods has saved an untold number of homes from blight, efforts like that have yet to come to neighborhoods like Mantua, which are as rich (if not richer) in history than anywhere else.
As a lasting document of the project, Funeral For A Home, the book, tells this story and more. Collecting archival materials, original artwork, lots of history, and essays by those close to the project, it is a deeply mournful art book that is both completely unique on the art level while also being necessary reading for any Philly history geek. And we can’t stop looking at it."

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