Monday, May 12, 2014

Sold! Andy Warhol's Index Book

Andy Warhol's Index Book

Sold before the post went up, but here it is anyway...

Corny and depraved!
It's been awhile since we've had a complete edition of this come through the shop. All inserts and objects are present. Except for the deteriorated ballon and the accordion no longer  making its weezing noise, everything is fully functional. Overall, a very nice copy.

The contents include:

1.Castle pop-up is attached, complete and fully-functioning

2. Red accordion is attached, complete, does not squeak

3. Bi-plane pop-up is attached, complete and fully-functioning

4. "The Chelsea Girls" paper wheel mounted on a spring is attached

5. The 12-sided "sphere" is complete (rubber band inside). The "sphere" is attached to the black string, which is still attached to book

6. The Lou Reed Picture Disc Record is present and attached to binding

7. The double image of the rainbow nose with pink overlay is complete, functioning and attached, as are the fold-out pages

8. The "Hunts Tomato Paste" can pop-up is complete, functioning and attached

9. All eight of the rectangular tear-offs, from the "FOR A BIG SURPRISE!!!" page (four on left and four on right) are present including all four printed with "Andy Warhol"

10. The balloon is present but has deteriorated and is sticking the two pages together (this is common in virtually all copies of this book)

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