Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Featured: Rafael Dieste

Rafael Dieste, Tales And Inventions Of Felix Muriel 
(out of print)

"RAFAEL DIESTE (La Coruna, 1899-1981) began his career writing in the language of his native Galicia, but ended it as a wholly bilingual author and a master of both Galician and Castilian languages. Dieste was a poet, a playwright, and philosopher. Founder, in 1936, of the famous magazine Hora de Espana, he was forced to go into exile at the end of the Civil War. His thorough knowledge of both arts and sciences is deeply ingrained in his writing (he is author of an admirable scientific work, Testamento geometrico), but his understanding of the importance of an accessible style gives his work an apparent ease that partly disguises the perfect fusion of his penetrating mind with his mastery of language." 
- from the publisher, Iberia, 1986

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