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Featured: William Copley's S.M.S.

S.M.S. Issue 4, 1968
Letter Edged In Black Press 
William Copley & Dmitri Petrov, editors

Issue number 4 of Copley and Petrov's bi-monthly publication of artists' multiples, unfortunately incomplete (missing the Lichtenstein hat, the Kawara calendar, parts from the Fernandez plexiglass construction, and the impossible to find LaMonte Young reel-to-reel tape, supposedly pulled from the edition after Young found a box of them in a dumpster(?))
We are selling the objects individually.

Diagram of contents
(loosely bound sheet of paper)

Paul Bergtold, Concept: Bergtold/ Art Director: Bergtold
A collection of loosely bound xeroxed pages, housed in a pink glassine cover

Robert Watts, Permanent Parking Decal
Vinyl decal in two parts with paper backing

John Cage, How To Improve The World
Staple-bound booklet with printed mylar covers

Princess Winifred
Asylum Manuscripts

Written text with illustrations, printed on 6 institutional paper towels, reproducing the writings of a patient in Byberry State Hospital, Philadelphia.

Domenico Rotella
Six Prison Poems

Reproduction of six poems printed on various paper stock (loose leaf , postcards, etc.)

Table of contents with Miranda rights printed on back
Loosely bound folded paper

Hollis Frampton, Phenakistiscope
Printed paper disc

"A paper disc printed with photographs arranged to be spun counterclockwise on a pencil and viewed while being held in front of a mirror, simulating a motion picture. One side of the disc animates a bouncing basketball, while the reverse depicts a man licking a lollipop."

Arman Fernandez, Tortured Color (Instructions only)
Three loosely bound printed pages

Lil Picard, Burned Bow Tie
One bow tie, burned by the artist

Robert Stanley, Folder for S.M.S.#4
Heavy paper folder, interior and exterior printed in b&w

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