Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sold: Aspen No. 9: Dreamweapon

Angus & Hettie Maclise, Aspen No. 9 (Dreamweapon)

Contributions by Angus MacLise and Hetty MacLise, Don Snyder, Ira Cohen, Gerard Malanga, LaMonte Young, Marian Zazeela, Terry Riley, etc.

Contents include:

1 Dream of Goeralegan. Text and illustration by Don Snyder.
2 From The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda. Color photographs by Ira Cohen and Bill Devore.
3 Musical Scores and Glyphs. Drawing in Mayan style, by Aymon de Sales, and a poem.
4 Triptych. Drawings by Dale Wilbourn.
5 Lumagraphs. Perforated sheet of gummed stamps printed with color photographs of female nudes, by Don Snyder.
6 Benno Friedman’s Westerns. Frames from classic Western films, chemically stained by Benno Friedman.
7Letter to Diane and Shelley from Vali. Text & drawings by Vali, photos by Diane Rochlin.
8 Poetry Sheet. Poetry by Gerard Malanga, Paolo Lionni, Nikki Grand, Harvey Cohen and John Cale. Reverse side printed with transformations of a photo by P. Zimmer.
9 The Soul of the Word. Text and calligraphic designs by Marian Zazeela.
10 Dream Music. LaMonte Young on oneiric music. Reverse side: Keyboard Study #2, a circular musical score by Terry Riley.
11 Phonograph recording. Audio: Joyous Lake / Spontaneous Sound. Side A: The Joyous Lake by Elsen Standlee, Raja Samyana, Angus MacLise, Ziska, and Hetty MacLise. Side B: Spontaneous Sound by Christopher Tree on a collection of 150 instruments.
12 Sentential Metaphrastic. Poem by Lionel Ziprin, illustrated with a photograph by Tom Carroll.
13 Printed folder, 9-3/8 by 12-5/8 inches. Inside printed with table of contents. Folder designed by Hetty MacLise. Encloses sections 2 through 13, and a sheet of translucent paper laid atop them.

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