Saturday, December 7, 2013

Featured: Nobrow Press

Four Anthologies from Nobrow Press. I've avoided the anthologogies over the years. Anthologies by definition are a mixed bag, and usually a hard sell. But these guys are terrific! I think I might even prefer these titles to the single artist books (which are pretty darn amazing too.) Get 'em while you can!

Nobrow 6: The Double
(out of print)

 " Doubles have appeared in theatre, literature and mythology from our earliest written records. From Greek and Norse Mythology to Shelly, Dostoevsky, Donne and Goethe the idea has held a tantalising grip on the human imagination, fascinating and terrorising us in equal measure. Now we turn it over to 60 illustrators and graphic storytellers to interpret it as they wish, each, taking on one ‘double’ page spread. With contributions from Tom Gauld (The Gigantic Robot), Kevin Huizenga (Ganges), Blanquet (Toys in the Basement), Malachi Ward (Utu) as well as new narrative work from Nobrow stalwarts Jon McNaught (Birchfield Close, Pebble Island), Jack Teagle (Jeff: Job Hunter) and Luke Pearson (Hildafolk) and the formidable talents of Michael Deforge and Ignatz newcomer award winner Joseph Lambert, among many, many others. Illustration submissions from the likes of Sean Lewis, Roman Muradov, Golden Cosmos, Gwenola Carrere, Andrea Kalfas, Viviane Scwartz, Katia Spitzer, Luke Best and many many more! Two covers by two amazing artists Gwenola Carrere and Tom Gauld!"

Nobrow 8: Hysteria

"Forty-five artists have risen above (or maybe plunged even deeper into) their hysterical minds to produce double page illustrations or four-page-long comics. Jim Rugg, Emmanuelle Walker, Sam Bosma, Marta Monteiro, David Lucas, Kenard Pak, Bob Flynn, Keith Negley, Carmen Segovia, Gwendal Le Bec, Robin Davey, Andrea Kalfas, William Grill, Luke Pearson, Dustin Harbin, José Domingo, Matteo Farinella and Dilraj Mann are just some of the illustrious names who have let their hysterical drawings loose on Nobrow 8’s pages."

Nobrow 7: Brave New World

17 x 23 Showcase

From the absurdly humorous to the poetic, 17×23 Showcase is your introduction to the future of British comics. Five artists were each given 10 pages to tell an original story in Nobrow’s celebrated 17×23 format, and the results are unmissable.
The first anthology of its kind in the UK, the 17×23 Showcase features the best up-and-comers from the UK comics scene, giving them each 10 pages to spin their fledgling yarns. The cover of this first issue was designed by the author of the 2012 Comica festival poster, Isaac Lenkiewicz, who uses his contribution to tell the enrapturing tale of Broadbright, the prodigal son of the Moon.  The book also includes stories from Megaskull creator Kyle Platts, whose crass sense of humour and radioactive colour schemes will rock your comics world, Henry McCauseland, whose scratchy line is reminiscent of art-cartoonist extraordinaire C.F., surreal fantasist Nick Sheehy aka ‘Showchicken’ and the unmistakable Joe Kessler, Nobrow team member and the cartoonist behind Mwara.
Get your hands on the latest iteration of the series that launched Luke Pearson’s career in all its bright and beautiful glory. Join us for the maiden voyages of these talented young artists as we showcase their talents for yet another generation of cartoonists.

 These books, and thousands of others, can be purchased from:

Brickbat Books
709 South Fourth Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

215 592 1207

Tuesday: thru Saturday, 11am to 7pm
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