Friday, August 16, 2013

Featured: Two from Nobrow

Atak, Topsy Turvy World

A fantastical illustrated book where mice chase cats, penguins live in the jungle, cars fly and aeroplanes float!
It’s a time-honoured children’s game – catching out the grown-ups when they’re telling lies. Atak’s just given it a new twist, using lots of classic tall tales, and adding a few new ones as well. By seeing what’s obviously wrong, kids will learn what’s really right.
This luxuriously varnished book is beautifully drawn by Atak, one of Germany’s top illustrators.

Julia Wauters, One Night, Far From Here

This beautiful book cleverly combines printed acetate and paper pages to educate children about the animal kingdom.
It’s pitch dark and a nighttime hush has descended. But as the pages of this beautiful book turn and day breaks, the animals within begin to stir.
A magical bestiary filled with transparent pages that slowly reveal the magical and mysterious animals that live in the savannah, the forest, the desert, the jungle and even deep beneath the ocean.
Guess who’s hiding in the dark.

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