Thursday, August 22, 2013

Featured: Grimm's Household Tales

Grimm's Household Tales, Illustrated by Mervyn Peake


This new edition of Peake’s illustrated Household Tales by the Brothers Grimm was originally published in 1946 and this is the first time it has been made available since then with the original colour illustrations. Like the Grimms’ stories, Peake’s illustrations combine the comic and the sinister and evoke a strong sense of childhood fear and humour.

The Juniper Tree
Translated by Lore Segal & Randall Jarrell
 Illustrated by Maurice Sendak

Originally published as a two-volume set thirty years ago, "The Juniper Tree "is distinguished first by the selection of stories. Lore Segal and Maurice Sendak have jointly culled 27 from
the 210 in the complete collection, and their contents page presents a fascinating critical statement. The translations are another distinguishing quality of the Segal/Sendak edition. Both translators have been painstakingly faithful to the German texts; they have not cut, "retold," or bowdlerized. In addition, Segal and Jarrell bring to their renderings of Grimm the grace and precision that are characteristic of their own original prose. This must-have edition for every home library is jacketed and cloth-bound and has a bookmark ribbon.

Dear Mili
Illustrated by Maurice Sendak
Hardcover (1st Edition)

Preserved in a letter written to a young girl, Mili, in 1816 and not discovered until 1983, the Grimm story is prefaced by a tender address in which he underscores the story's message: although there are many obstacles that can prevent people from being together, ``one human heart can go out to another, undeterred by what lies between.'' The story that follows implies that love transcends even death.

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