Friday, June 14, 2013

Featured: Mario Santiago Papasquiaro

Mario Santiago Papasquiaro
Advice from 1 Disciple of Marx to 1 Heidegger Fanatic

"American readers might recognize Mario Santiago Papasquiaro as the eccentric and renegade Ulises Lima in Roberto Bolaño’s The Savage Detectives. This canonical, book-length poem of Infrarealism was Santiago Papasquiaro’s response to the Beats and chronicle of his own literary circle. Full of politics and gossip, this poem brings to life Mexico in the 1970s."

"Santiago’s distress, derangement, and rages extend from a deep faith in poetry and its ability to both inscribe and incite new perceptions..." -Zach Savich, The Kenyon Review

"Best known as the inspiration for the irascible Ulises Lima in Roberto Bolaño’s famed novel The Savage Detectives, Santiago Papasquiaro is a formidable poet in his own right. His lyricism borders on the profane, with its bawdy metaphors and extensive use of vernacular imagery, often favoring an “ugly,” highly visceral beauty over the prim imagery found in more formal work." -Library Journal

"Papasquiaro’s poem, like much of Bolaño’s fiction, is a kind of nightmare spent in the company of one’s best friends: “the 1 who dreams of revolutions that stay too long in the Caribbean / the 1 who’d like to rip out the eyes of the billboard heroes / to expose the hollowness of the farce / the girl with the feline & filmic green eyes / even if on getting closer they turn out to be blue.” -Robyn Creswell, The Paris Review

"The poem is built like a roadside grotto—crystals, fossils, dinner plates, bottle caps—the materials are secondary to the construction, to the act of constructing, and oh, what a construction this is." -BJ Love, The Quarterly Conversation 

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