Thursday, January 24, 2013

Featured: Humito Records

Four from Rafi Bookstaber's new label. Fairly limited...looks like the first two are already out of print, with the Lane and Foole LPs bound for the same.

Rafi Bookstaber, Greener Pastures

 Sweet front porch guitar stuff from Death Chants/Aswara man.

Von Himmel, Space Communion

Ra-like moog and percussion fun, kraut-ish motor grooves, Radiophonic Workshop soundtrack tom-foolery. All packaged in a Folways-style paste-on wrap-around cover. Very enjoyable!

Dredd Foole, Blues Sermon With Congregation

Vinyl collection of two Dredd Foole cdrs from MV EE's Celestial Agriculture series. Joined by MV & EE, Christina Carter and who knows who all else.

Willie Lane, Recliner Ragas

Vinyl reissue of Mr Lane's long out of print debut from way back when. Just in time to get us all through the deep freeze.

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