Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Featured: Three By Bruno Munari

The Green Conjurer

Alfonso, the thoroughly likeable green magician, disappears and reappears in trunks and boxes. At the end he finally manages to play his violin in peace. Cleverly designed with different-sized pages and hidden flaps, this fifth book in the historic children's series thought up by Bruno Munari in 1945 is still amazingly modern. This is the English edition. Color.

Never Content

A lively book where illustrations and short sentences chase one another across large colored pages and small hidden inserts. As often happens in real life, here animals dream of being other animals in a humorous and entertaining circle. "Never content" -- the title sums up the essence of this story in pictures. With hidden flaps, this third book in Munari's historic children's series. This is the English edition. Color.

Gigi Has Lost His Cap

Gigi's looking for his cap. Where can it be? Let's help him find it by opening closet doors, lifting lids and looking around. A book to rummage through, like an attic or a messy bedroom, with direct and captivating pictures drawn over half a century ago. Ah! Gigi finds his cap in the end! Designed with hidden flaps, Part of the Munari's children's series. This is the English edition. Color.

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