Monday, June 18, 2012

EVENT: Joshua Burkett, Ralph White, Mark Feehan

Tuesday, July 3rd, 8pm
Brickbat Books:

Joshua Burkett, Ralph White & Mark Feehan

Joshua Burkett

Josh Burkett's name first surfaced in the early '90s, as saxophonist for psychedelic-exploitation band Vermonster (a Wayne Rodgers/Twisted Village project, like Crystallized Movements, Magic Hour, B.O.R.B., and Major Stars), most noted for playing interminable destructo-noise versions of songs from ultra-obscure collector-bait sixties psych artists. Forget about that part; the next I heard from him was finding him first on the bill when the Rolling Psychedelic Circus tour reached western Massachusetts in the fall of 1999, where he played electric/acoustic guitar while sitting down, improvising to loops he set up on a digital delay pedal. This album, housed in a nifty handmade cardboard fold-over sleeve, carries those sparse sounds further back into the mysterious late night fog, with plinking guitars, banjos & other stringed things (sometimes leaving delay-induced lysergic trails), softly-sung barely-there vocals, occasional woodwinds, electronics & noises, organ, tapes, and tablas or other subdued percussion. Fragile and enticing late-night (bed-time and beyond) psychedelic folk music for those not-so-well-balanced people who can still appreciate beauty in its roughest forms. (Aural Innovations)

Ralph White

"White was a member of well-loved punk bluegrass outfit Bad Livers but his solo work is possessed of a much more lonesome spark, exaggerating the implied drone at the heart of the music of Dock Boggs and The Stanley Brothers. "Navasota River Devil Squirrel" was originally released as a CD-R in 2007, but this limited vinyl version comes courtesy of fellow musical loner Joshua Burkett's new imprint. White plays wooden six-string banjo, violin, accordion and kalimba and his voice has a high, eerie quality to it that allows it to blend with the various primitive strategies that the music employs to reanimate traditional and original material alike. The use of kalimba situates aspects of the sound in some avant hillbilly fourth world, while the combination of dense matrices of string and White's transporting vocal is extremely psychedelic." -David Keenan - THE WIRE

Mark Feehan

"Formerly of the infamous noise band Harry Pussy. Volcanic Tongue called Feehan and Bill Orcutt, his guitar-mate in Harry Pussy, "two of the greatest six string thinkers of the modern age." He has an upcoming LP on Siltbreeze."

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