Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Arrivals: More Mississippi Records

Henry Thomas, Bull Dog Blues

"Twelve of our favorite songs by amazing Texas blues songster Henry Thomas. Thomas recorded a couple dozen sides between 1927-29 often accompanying himself on the quills, a pan flute sounding instrument. A traveling musician with an older style than many of the country blues musicians recorded in the 20s. Includes his classic numbers "Fishing Blues", "Railroadin Some", "Honey, Won't You Allow Me One More Chance" the beautiful gospel number "Jonah in the Wilderness" and many more."

Fred McDowell, The Alan Lomax Recordings

"The first ever recordings of Fred McDowell! Recorded by Alan Lomax in 1959. The first vinyl release dedicated entirely to this phenomenal recording session. 12 songs that highlight the depth of his repetoire - from droning & hypnotic versions of songs that later became blues standards such as "Shake Em On Down" & "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl" to his deeply felt renditions of spirituals like "Keep Your Lamp Trimmed & Burning" . Accompanied at times by some amazing hair comb playing & beautiful backup vocals. Comes in an old school "tip on" sleeve with liner notes by Nathan Salsburg. A co-release with our friends Domino Sound. The stuff of dreams."

Music From Saharan Cell Phones

"A compilation of the most popular music circulating the Sahara desert on the unofficial network of cellphones -- where mp3s are stored, played, and traded in very literal peer to peer bluetooth transfers.The contemporary West African sound from the new school of DIY production with little or no commercial release outside of their locales, from spaced out Tuareg Autotune, Ivorian Club Jams, Mauritanian Synth, and Malian Hip Hop electro. Collected from memory cards by and released on cassette, the vinyl comes after a years plus of tracking down the composers."

Lewlewdal de Podor, Yiilo Jaam

"Hailing from northern Senegal, "Lewlewal de Podor" is a Pulaar guitar centric band that draws from the folk stylings of Fouta Toro. Featured on last year's compilation Ishilan n-Tenere, their first ever full length ranges from mellow acoustic jam sessions to electrified hip shaking concerts. Recorded by Christopher Kirkley. Comes with booklet and portrait studio photo. Co-release with Sahel Sounds"

These LPs, and many more, can be purchased from:

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