Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Featured: Three Pamphlets

Asger Jorn, Open Creation And Its Enemies

"Three texts from one of the founders of the Lettrists and the Situationist International, all translated from Internationale Situationniste. Open Creation establishes how Jorn used developments in mathematics to underscore the situationist project. Also included are his "Manifesto" and his critique of Isidore Isou—"Originality And Magnitude."

Thomas De Quincy, The Peasant Of Portugal

"A curious Gothic revenge tale in which the events narrated gradually unwind to be revealed as problems of text and writing: plot as a means of generating a text. Empty and unnerving."

Among the Cannibal Christians

"Did the early Christians take the command "eat of my body," a bit too literally? And just what did "the Body and Blood of Christ" really consist of? A fascinating study into the use of hallucinogens and ritual cannibalism amongst the early Christians..."

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