Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Arrivals: United Dead Artists

Just in from France! Shocking, intense, beautiful: UDA editions are always gorgeously produced. We've managed to get a hold of most of their in print catalog. Below is the first batch to arrive from France for the holidays...

Haldernablou, Alfred Jarry & Tom de Pékin

Sous ta barbe mon âme est morte, Aurélie William-Levaux

La tranchée Racine N°1

The Land Unknown, Gary Panter

Bêtes à bon dieu, Anne Van Der Linden

Viande de chevet

Reborn Again, BLEXBOLEX & Stefanie Schilling

Le Tendon revolver 3

Le Tendon revolver 2

La Caverne Sentimentale, Anne Van Der Linden

These books, and thousands of others, can be purchased from:

Brickbat Books
709 South Fourth Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

215 592 1207

Tuesday: thru Saturday, 11am to 7pm
Sunday: 11am to 6pm
Closed Monday

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