Thursday, September 15, 2011

Update: Anders Nilsen & Marc Bell

I'd like to thank Anders Nilsen and Marc Bell, PBC, and everyone who came out for making last night's event such a success!

We have a limited number of signed (with a small drawing!) copies of Big Questions (Paperback, and the signed, limited (and out of print!) Hardcover edition, as well as Anders's self-published The Game.

Also still available are a handful of Marc Bell's Pure Pajamas, signed with a spiffy illustration of a four-legged sausage; a couple of limited/numbered Sobey's pamphlets; and only three(!) Shrimpy & Paul (out of print) books.

So for all of you who missed the event, or arrived sans wallet, avoid weeping and gnashing of teeth and get 'em while you can!

Big Questions
Signed Paperback

Big Questions
Signed, Limited Hardcover

The Game
Self-published poster

Pure Pajamas
Signed, Hardcover

Limited/ Numbered Pamphlet

Shrimpy & Paul

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