Wednesday, September 28, 2011

EVENT: Michael Hurley & Laura Baird!

Friday, October 7th at 9 pm
Brickbat Books

Michael Hurley
Laura Baird

Michael Hurley:

"Whether weaving a yarn about a mysterious hog or comparing the human heart to a mechanics toolbox, Mr. Hurley create(s) elaborate vistas in a musical version of outsider art" - Ann Powers / New York Times 12/9/97

"Hurley remains one of the elusive masters of American folk" - Chris Morris / Billboard 10/31/98

".....let's just shut up and listen and go to where Michael Hurley is. After all, we can always turn around and come back. He can't." - Nick Tosches (from the liner notes to Weatherhole)

"Undoubtedly one of this country's greatest folk singers, Hurley has little in common with the majority of today's folk performers. While they seem bent on demonstrating that all people are alike, such a suffocating presumption has no place in this man's work. Michael Hurley is nothing like his potential audience. What better reason to hear what he has to say?" - Chuck Cuminale (Colour Blind James)

"Trusting in his own peculiarities, Hurley makes the world spin just a little bit slower, and a little bit bumpier. Somehow it feels much more natural that way." - Jim Macnie

"Michael Hurley is the last unreconstructed folkie-shaman in America. His songs are primordial tales of the hunt for good cheer and satisfying sex, etched like cave paintings on city walls and farmland silos. Like many characters in his songs, his voice seems to have been run over by the dump truck of life, but it marries human mystery to forthright music like no other." - Milo Miles

Laura Baird

"Laura Baird has been writing songs and making home recordings since the late 1980's. She is also an enthusiastic collector and performer of traditional Appalachian music. She sings and plays many instruments, including clawhammer banjo, guitar, piano and harpsichord.

Laura has recorded with Espers (flute) and Death Vessel (banjo and backing vocals), among others.

Currently, Laura performs as "The Baird Sisters" with her sister Meg."


Joshua said...

So sad I didn't learn about this until just now! Hope it was wonderful.

Brickbat said...

It was pretty terrific. But never fear. I'm sure some enterprising young kid will post it on youtube in the next few weeks...