Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Featured: Hanns Heinz Ewers' Alraune

Hanns Heinz Ewers, Alraune
Limited edition Hardcover (out of print)

A decadent, and a German nationalist, Ewers influenced H.P. Lovecraft, and was an associate of Aleister Crowley. He was an early supporter of the Nazis, but his Jewish sympathies and homosexuality eventually lead to his work being banned and his property seized. He died tubercular and penniless in 1943.

"A mad scientist and his nephew researching artificial insemination and heredity...traverse the sordid underbelly of Berlin looking for the city's most shameless prostitute, whom they impregnate with the sperm of an executed sex criminal. The mother of this union dies in childbirth but the daughter, Alraune, survives. She grows up to be a beautiful, sadistic and soulless destroyer of all who are associated with her..." - John Hirschhorn-Smith

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