Wednesday, June 1, 2011

EVENT: Michael Chapman/ Chris Forsyth's Paranoid Cat Duo on June 10th

Friday, June 10th at 8 pm
Brickbat Books

Michael Chapman
Chris Forsyth's Paranoid Cat Duo

Very excited about this one! UK folk legend Michael Chapman is making a return appearance to Philly. Best known for his early 70's Harvest recordings where he sang world-weary, gorgeous songs of discontent and failure while playing the sort of progressive folk sounds that existed in the same orbit as Roy Harper or Bert Jansch. Those who saw him on any of his previous visits (including one right here with Jack Rose a few years ago) know that he's still utterly on top of his game, and, one could argue, even gotten better! His playing has gotten deeper, the songs longer and darker, and his voice as rough as Charley Patton. He is not to be missed!

Chris Forsyth's Paranoid Cat Duo finds minimalist/maximalist guitarist Chris Forsyth teaming up with organist/guitarist Don Bruno. Not too easy to pin down Forsyth's compositions. Sometimes they sound like the chiming sun shimmer of the Byrds as reinterpreted by Glenn Branca. Other times they're endless cascading solos like one guy playing Verlaine and Lloyd simultaneously.

$5 (or more if you'd like, we're not gonna try to stop you) donations are MANDATORY! Feel free to also BYOB.

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