Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Featured: Hideaki Otsuka & Kabemimi

Hideaki Otsuka is a Tokyo artist and member of the band Kabemimi (featured on Tokyo Flashback 5.) Stylistically his work falls somewhere between Keiichi Ohta and Saeki Toshio, although the content is perhaps less violent and more macabre: the difference between Grand Guignol and the Gothic tradition.

Leaning Tower
Paperback, 8vo
illustrated in b&w, 46 pages

39 macabre, full-page images. Lovely.

Kabemimi V, Requiem
Compact Disc
Appears to be the band's first non-cdr release. Unavailable in these parts.
Puts one in mind of Ichiyanagi's Tadanori Opera, but filtered through that black, PSF millennial darkness: bowel churning drones, snatches of radio broadcasts, and more! Very nice.

Bookmark Set
a collection of seven bookmarks in a printed envelope

the color images bookending this post are silkscreens by Alan Sherry

These books, and thousands of others, can be purchased from:

Brickbat Books
709 South Fourth Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

215 592 1207

Open every day,except Monday, 11am to 7pm.

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