Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Featured: Four Photography Books by Four Artists

Ludwig Kirchener, The Photgraphic Work

"Ernst Ludwig Kirchner was one of the most important artists of the Expressionist movement, but he was also a skilled photographer who documented the main protagonists and the milieu of this important era. This book, compiled and edited by the Kirchner Museum Davos, is the first compilation of Kirchener’s photographs, taken between 1908 and 1938. They offer an insight into the beginning of the modern age and all its contradictions; the wild bohemian life of the artists, alongside scenes of the intensely archaic Alpine world. Kirchner also attempted to portray the "model society" of contemporary artists through his portraits, including artists such as Oskar Schlemmer, Hermann Scherer and Albert Müller; authors such as Theodor W. Bluth and Alfred Döblin; and collectors and patrons of the arts such as Carl Hagemann, Frédéric Bauer and Botho Graef. The chronological sequence of images covers all the genres in which Kirchner worked as a photographer: self-portraits, individual and group portraits, nudes, scenes from his atelier, exhibition documentation, landscapes, installations and documentary photographs."

Sigmar Polke, Photographs 1969-1974
Limited boxed collection of loosely bound plates (last copy, out of print!)

Although he's best known as a painter, an inveterate experimenter whose trademark style is never to settle on a style, Sigmar Polke has been taking and printing photographs throughout his career--or in some cases taking photographs and setting the film aside until he had enough money to print them. Polke studied painting at the Dsseldorf Kunstakademie, and in the lean years after his 1968 graduation, made thousands of images on that system. This boxed limited edition includes 32 unbound, loose tritones and a 41-page softcover book on his photographs from 1969 to 1974.

David Salle, Photographs

Andy Warhol, 5 Deaths

“When we were making the 5 Deaths paintings, with the car upside down and the people underneath, Andy asked, 'Are they still alive?' as if the accident had actually occurred in front of us.” --Gerard Malanga
Within Warhol's Death and Disaster series, the so-called Car Crashes comprise the most numerous and diverse set of images. As Gerard Malanga writes in his accompanying essay, “We would return to this silkscreen again and again for several months; in effect, the first painting repeated many times over, this initiating Andy's serial imagery on separate identically shaped canvases, and anticipating the Flower paintings to come.” The book also includes a contemporary interview between Malanga and Jeff Koons as well as a reprint of an interview between Malanga and Warhol from 1963.

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