Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Arrivals: Two from UDA

Chris Hipkiss, To kick a wind to
black white, printed on 170 gram Rives
32 pages, 11" x 17" w poster insert

"These expansive drawings of fantastical landscapes are truly superb. Rendered in black and white, from large format colour transparencies, the image quality is superb, and the size of this soft-cover edition allows for a much better idea of the works as they are 'in the flesh' than is ever possible on screen. A poetic piece by New York art writer, Randall Morris, graces the back of a giant poster of the 2009 drawing, Dreizehn Hassminen."

Daisuke Ichiba, Grossesse Nerveuse
Deluxe double black on 170 gram Rives
32 pages, 11" x 17"

"A selection of images by a master of Japanese image-making. A hellish but rewarding world vision, expertly printed in Paris." -Picturebox

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