Friday, January 28, 2011

Featured: The Message: Art & Occultism

The Message: Art & Occultism
Text by André Breton, Claudia Dichter, Andreas Fischer.
Hardcover, Illustrated boards
Kunstmuseum Bochum

"Occult practices, séances and magic have traditionally been met with suspicion in the world of high culture, but they are currently getting a fresh look. Turns out, they have long had a quiet influence on art--at least since the mid-1800s. The Message demonstrates this fascinating history with paranormal-influenced paintings, drawings and thought photographs, a term for the phenomenon of imprinting an image from one’s mind directly onto a photographic medium--something we’ve all at least wished we could do... By the early eighteenth century, the occult had found a home in the arts with the advent of Surrealism--in 1933, André Breton discussed these inexplicable phenomena in his text, The Automatic Message. This publication borrows its name from Breton’s text; and features early-twentieth-century photographs of séances from the archive of parapsychologist Albert von Schrenck-Notzing, which vividly illustrate Breton’s ideas."

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