Thursday, November 4, 2010

Featured: Bears by Ruth Krauss

Along with Margaret Wise Brown, Ruth Krauss was one of the pillars of post-war children's literature. She was also a mentor to the young Maurice Sendak. His illustrations for a new edition of her early book, Bears, is very nice, but the long out of print earlier edition from 1949 is a killer. Phyllis Rowand's illustrations are amazing, and from what I've seen, her other books are equally beautiful. The Harper boys need to get off their asses and reprint this stuff. Ditto for Ruth Krauss. The Carrot Seed and A Hole Is To Dig are wonderful, but the woman wrote a hell of a lot of books. So come on, let's see some more Ruth!

(interior images from

Ruth Krauss, illustrated by Phyllis Rowand
Hardcover, illustrated boards (1949 edition)
out of print

Ruth Krauss, illustrated by Maurice Sendak
Hardcover, illustrated boards (2005)

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