Monday, October 18, 2010

EVENT:The Fabulous Diamonds CANCELED

October 26th, 8:00pm
Brickbat Books:

The Fabulous Diamonds CANCELED

"Fabulous Diamonds are equally at home in indie gulags, art galleries or disco gullies. Fans of the more esoteric side of Siltbreeze--Blues Control and US Girls, especially--should be mightily chuffed by the beauteous hypnotic (hypnagogic?) pop Fab Ds are laying down here.

The second full-length outing from Fabulous Diamonds is a continuation of the lush and mesmerizing electro / percussive landscapes explored on their self-titled debut LP (released on Siltbreeze in 2008). Jarrod Zlatic and Nisa Venerosa spark lots of musical embers along the way: dub, trance, house, ambient, minimalist, hints of Suicide and Terry Riley--basically everything from Silver Apples to Silver Apples of the Moon."

"Part minimalist drone, part dub, and part pagan sleepover incantation, Melbourne, Australia's Fabulous Diamonds specialize not so much in songs but in pools of unease.... They embrace bass frequencies instead of treble, easy tempos instead of manic energy, and a full-bore penchant for the macabre. But where similarly minded Southern Hemisphere contemporaries like Naked on the Vague brandish sharp edges and jagged textures, Fabulous Diamonds songs are smooth enough to run your fingers over."

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