Saturday, September 11, 2010

FEATURED: Three by Mickey Spillane

The Big Kill
Paperback, $8.95
"There's only one kind of talk a punk understands...I snapped the side of the rod across his jaw and laid the flesh open to the bone. He dropped the sap and staggered into the big boy with a scream...I pounded his teeth back into his mouth with the end of the barrel..and took my own damn time kicking him in the face."

(what's a "big boy"?)

Vengeance Is Mine
Paperback, $8.95
"Mike tangles with a crew of sinister gangster, the likes of whom he'd never seen before, and beautiful women who wrap themselves around him like snakes around a rabbit."

One Lonely Night
Paperback, $6.95 (as is)
"...she's the best looking thing I ever saw. I get steamed up watching her from fifty feet away. Whatever a dame's supposed to have on the ball, she's got it..."

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