Thursday, August 19, 2010

FEATURED: Hank Harrison's Dead Book

Hank Harrison, The Dead Book: A Social History of the Grateful Dead
Paper wraps, $24.95 (first edition, second printing)

Not so much rambling as stumbling, Hank Harrison's classic account of the early days of the Grateful Dead and the Bay Area scene is the essential Dead document and the perfect late-summer read.

"Barney...decided he would do a far, farther-out thing: He shot some smack in one arm and some cocaine in the other, took about 500 micrograms of LSD and some speed, and downed a bottle of some kind of hard booze (vodka perhaps) and then some port wine. Then he waited until it turned his eyeballs around. With this mixture coursing through his circuits, he drove his chopper through the San Francisco fog and across the bridge to the Oakland Induction Center and got in line with the other guys His leather-rivet Robinhood hat was glued miraculously to his head with Dixie Peach, and he was chawin' on some Copenhagen snootz or Beechnut or somethin' like it. Anyway, it always made him look like he was gonna spit in yer eye if ya didn't smile at him just so. The desk sergeant yelled NEXT and up stepped Barney..."

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