Tuesday, July 27, 2010

FEATURED: Two by David Rees

Rees's collection of comic strips are still surprisingly entertaining, rekindling the rage felt during the Bush era while never failing to induce oxygen depleting laughter. It might be the only literature about the era still worth reading. The guy should have won a Pulitzer, but they apparently save those for bad caricaturists who draw humorless gag panels without punchlines.

Get Your War On II
Paperback, $6.95

my new fighting technique is unstoppable
Stapled wraps, $175.00
Very rare. The original self-published version of "my new fighting technique is unstoppable". Near Fine stapled wraps. This was the book Rees self-published at work, for a few friends, prior to "Get Your War On". It was eventually re-printed by Riverhead Books.

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