Wednesday, July 21, 2010

FEATURED: More Music Books...

These three music books have nothing in common with each other, thus making an integral part of a well-rounded library.

The Band: A Musical History (Hardcover w/5 cds & 1 dvd), $65

Informative text and excellent photos of the best rural rockers ever. From the early days backing Ronnie Hawkins to Dylan and Woodstock and finally ending at the Last Waltz, it's all here. Comes with 5 cds and 1 dvd full of obscurities and proper lp tracks.

All Ages: Reflections on Straight Edge (pb), $8.95

Collection of somewhat vague and humorless memories and opinions about straight edge hardcore. While the late 80s heyday of this stuff is truly awesome, these interviews are pretty inarticulate. Many cool photos though, and an inexpensive volume for the Unit Pride (not featured) fans out there.

I'm with the Band (hb), $44.95

Rare and funny memoir by a Zappa protegee. More goofy and touching than you'd expect a real-life tale of groupie-dom to be, which is not a bad thing. Has some negative things to say about Wild Man Fischer but who doesn't these days?

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