Thursday, June 24, 2010

FEATURED: David Goodis

Often compared to Jim Thompson, but Thompson was a pro who hacked his way "up" from the world of regional newspapers to the pulp world and eventually Hollywood. His stories were hard, satirical, often collapsing into scenes of hallucinatory violence. Goodis was a different animal altogether. After auspicious beginnings and a period in Hollywood, Goodis returned to Northeast Philadelphia and oblivion, in part to care for his mentally ill brother. Goodis's characters exist in a state of sad, homely nihilism. Art, love, family, wealth all lead to the same fouled gutter. They aren't doomed by their stupidity, greed, rage or lust (Thompson). They're doomed. That's just the way it is. Thompson's protagonists are often sociopaths and criminals. I imagine that in Europe they are perceived as very "American." The Goodis hero is a depressed, sad, drunk failure stripped of all vanity. If Goodis is anything, he's quintessentially Philadelphian. Consigned to oblivion, he stares blankly at nothing, empty glass in hand, stands up, and goes back to work.

(Required shore reading for all Brooklyn/San Francisco transplants hoping for a better grasp of the Philadelphia psyche.)

... the man himself

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