Monday, May 17, 2010

FEATURED: Vintage Cartoon Collections

Great Cartoons Of The World, Series Nine

"The general public has only a hazy notion of the life of a cartoonist. Last week a man asked me how much a cartoonist gets for a cartoon. 'Two or three dollars?' he hazarded. Yesterday a cartoonist told me he is thinking of buying a castle..." -from the introduction

...includes work by Steinberg, Steig, Addams, Sempe, Adolf Born, Stauber, Glashan, Zabransky, Szpilki, Flisak, Munzlinger and many more.

Great Cartoons Of The World, Series Four

"Like Simenon, the cartoonist has few illusions about the human race. In a sad and melancholy frame of mind he dips his pen in India ink to show us yet another of our follies. Fortunately for us he is filled with tolerance and a love for people, so his cartoon is funny. But the cartoonist does not laugh." -from the introduction

All Thumbs, Cartoons by W Miller

Interviewer: Did You Learn anything in the year you spent at art school in Chicago?
Miller: Ah...I don't know.
Interviewer: Who was or who were your chief models?
Miller: Louis Armstrong.
Interviewer: What are your working habits?
Miller: What! Describe what you mean, please!
-from the introduction by Whitney Balliett

Jaf, Cartoons

"Jaf's vision of the world we live in reflects the absurdities of that world as well as the forces emerging to change it in much the same way as the works of James Thurber, Saul Steinberg, William Steig and Jules Feiffer."

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