Monday, May 24, 2010

FEATURED: George Perec, A Void and more

A completely bizarre French novel/linguistic rabbit hole, A Void is one of a kind. To loosely outline the plot (eccentric friends attempt to track down a missing companion and become ensnarled in a dizzying Moebius strip of history and wordplay) is beside the point. This is an extremely odd and hilarious work. Perhaps the most notorious element is the complete absence of the letter "E". While not being able to read French, we can only assume Gilbert Adair's translation does absolute justice to every trick and turn. Here are 2 rare and hard-to-come-by editions of this classic.

hardcover, 1st edition, $65

paperback, advance proof copy, $86.95

And don't forget about these fine Perec books as well:

W or The Memory of Childhood, hardcover, 1st edition, $34.95

Things/ A Man Asleep, hardcover, $45

"53 Days", hardcover, $24.95

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