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Anya Davidson, Real People #2
Edition of 50 (Out Of Print) $34.95
"New comic from Anya D. of Chicago, home of pork chop sandwiches for breakfast and deep dish pizza for late night snacks. Following in her mode of telling truth to streets and people, and people on streets, this is a series of comic vignettes that builds to a larger epiphany. Anya: A contemporary visionary. Also included here: Silkscreen cover and folded silkscreen poster."

Edward Gorey: The Headless Bust: A Melancholy Meditation For The False Millennium

Chester Brown: The Little Man: Short Strips, 1980-1995
"A note of pure genius."--Rain Taxi Review of Books
"It might seem jarring for a book to begin with "The Toilet Paper Revolt" and end with "My Mom Was a Schizophrenic", but Brown pulls it off by mixing equal parts surrealism, violence, and contemplation. As a whole it tells another story: the maturing of an artist."--Details
"Outrageous, surreal, hushed, mystical and, often, funny as hell."--Detroit Metro Times
"They universally exhibit Brown's inimitable mix of intimate and surreal."--Now

Frank Santoro: Storeyville
"A perfect match of form and content, Storeyville was originally published in 1995 as a now-rare 40 page tabloid newspaper printed muted tones ranging from sandy yellow to a deep sepia. It follows the arc of a youthful adventure at the dawn of the 20th century. Will, a young man stuck in the industrial Pittsburgh of way-back-when is rarin’ to go, though he’s not sure where to, until he learns that his former mentor/partner/best-friend, the Reverend Rudy, has been sighted in Montreal, and then he’s off! Will’s adventure leads across exotic land and to an epiphany about life itself. All of this is told with humor, pathos and a gentle graphic flair for cityscapes, landscapes and seascapes."
"I consider reading Storeyville for the first time one of the touchstones of my life as a cartoonist and the book itself one of the landmarks of comics’ development."–Chris Ware

Seiichi Hayashi: Red Colored Elegy
"Seiichi Hayashi produced Red Colored Elegy between 1970 and 1971, in the aftermath of a politically turbulent and culturally vibrant decade that promised but failed to deliver new possibilities. With a combination of sparse line work and visual codes borrowed from animation and film, the quiet melancholy lives of a young couple struggling to make ends meet are beautifully captured in this poetic masterpiece.
Uninvolved with the political movements of the time, Ichiro and Sachiko hope for something better, but they're no revolutionaries; their spare time is spent drinking, smoking, daydreaming, and sleeping--together and at times with others. While Ichiro attempts to make a living from his comics, Sachiko's parents are eager to arrange a marriage for her, but Ichiro doesn't seem interested. Both in their relationship and at work, Ichiro and Sachiko are unable to say the things they need to say, and like any couple, at times say things to each other that they do not mean, ultimately communicating as much with their body language and what remains unsaid as with words.
Red Colored Elegy is informed as much by underground Japanese comics of the time as it is by the French Nouvelle Vague, and its cultural referents range from James Dean to Ken Takakura. Its influence in Japan was so large that Morio Agata, a prominent Japanese folk musician and singer songwriter, debuted with a love song written and named after it."
"I wanted to live like Sachiko and Ichiro; to have aspirations even while living stoically and humbly." --Morio Agata

Comic Strip Art of Lyonel Feininger: The Kin-Der-Kids and Wee Willie Winkie's World
"Out of print for a decade, this new edition (with newly designed covers) of The Comic Strip Art of Lyonel Feininger features one of the ten cartooning greats featured in the historic "Masters of American Comics" show produced by the Los Angeles Hammer Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art and currently traveling across the country. It is the only complete collection of the legendary work of one of the medium's all-time greatest artists. Known worldwide for his accomplishments as a painter, Feininger began his career as a cartoonist, producing — all too briefly — two beautifully ambitious comic strips for the Chicago Sunday Tribune in 1906: The Kin-Der-Kids and Wee Willie Winkie's World, both of which remain high points in the history of strip cartooning. The Kin-Der-Kids is a rollicking comic opera of the ludicrous exploits of a group of young adventurers as they set off around the world in their bathtub with the oppressive Auntie Jim-Jam in hot pursuit. Wee Willie Winkie's World is a Little Nemo-esque visual tour-de-force of a little boy's charming fantasy world. Long considered an equal of Winsor McCay and George Herriman, Feininger's place in strip history is cemented with this beautiful, full-color, oversized collection, edited and featuring an introduction by historian Bill Blackbeard"
"[Feininger's strips] represent an unprecedented event in the history of comics and fine art — a flash of brilliance at the intersection of high and low." – Brian Walker, Masters of American Comics
"Feininger's small body of strip work achieved a breathtaking formal grace unsurpassed in the history of the medium." – Art Spiegelman, New York Review of Books

Back In Stock! Saeki Toshio's Works In Music
"Tabloid-sized, Paper wrappers, $26.00
Toshio Saeki is a cult fantasy artist of Japan, known for his daydream imaginative world full of eroticism, vivid colors, and a touch of humor. He is also know for his unique style of creating art using method that is similar to the traditional Ukiyoe (17C Japanese art). So his work is universal and transcends time, but at the same time very traditional.
Presspop lovingly collected Saeki’s music posters and record covers from the 1970s to the present. Saeki has been deeply associated with the avant-garde music/art/culture scene of that time, and most of the musicians he has worked with hold cult status in Japan. Many creators of the time, including Japan’s most productive and provocative avant-garde film and theater producer and dramatist, Shuji Terayama, praise Saeki as true artist to capture the creative feel and air of Japanese avant-garde in the 70s.
In tabloid form, this book delivers Saeki’s works in large size format, with a centerfold that may be used as poster."

Private Stash: A Pin-Up Girl Portfolio By 20 Cartoonists
(Buenaventura Press)(Out Of Print) $24.95
"th twenty never-before-seen images, Private Stash is bound in an accordion-folded format that opens up to reveal over ten feet worth of full-color cartooning beauty! Featured artists: Rick Altergott, Peter Bagge, Jonathan Bennett, Ivan Brunetti, Charles Burns, R. Crumb, Daniel Clowes, Kim Deitch, Sammy Harkham, Tim Hensley, Gilbert Hernandez, Jaime Hernandez, Tony Millionaire, Mitch O'Connell, Gary Panter, Archer Prewitt, Ron Rege, Richard Sala, Adrian Tomine, Dan Zettwoch. 7 inch square portfolio with a full-color cover by R. Altergott."

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