Sunday, April 25, 2010

FEATURED: Locus Solus

Edited by James Schuyler, Kenneth Koch, John Ashbery and Harry Mathews
Published by Harry Mathews
Printed in Switzerland

Locus Solus I (Winter 1961)
Edited by James Schuyler
includes contributions by Kenneth Koch, Barbara Guest, James Schuyler, John Ahbery, Harry Mathews, Rudy Burkhardt, Fairfield Porter

Locus Solus II (Summer 1961)
Edited by Kenneth Koch
contributors include Ashbery, Basho, Berkson, Blackburn, Breton, Burroughs, Corso, Eluard, Crashaw, Yuri Gagarin, Freilicher, Koch, Ruth Krauss, Marinetti, O'Hara, Peret, Rimbaud, the Empress Sadako, Schuyler, Tanguy, Vidal

Locus Solus III-IV (Winter 1962)
Edited by John Ashbery
Icludes LeRoi Jones, Ashbery, Berkson, Larry Rivers, Di Prima, O'Hara, Schuyler, Malanga, Guest, Hollo, Merrill, Koch, Mathews

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