Friday, March 12, 2010

NEW ARRIVALS: Joe Boruchow's Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Animals, Joe Boruchow
Paperback, $20.00

"KettleDrummer Books is proud to announce the upcoming release of Stuffed Animals–A Story in Paper Cutouts. Artist and musician Joe Boruchow received a Xeric Grant in order to assist in the publication of this eerie graphic novel. The story concerns a young boy's search for his lost dog. Follow the boy and his canine companion on this surreal and, at times, nightmarish journey. Haunting and beautifully rendered completely in paper cutouts. B&W, Hard Cover, 100 pages." -KettleDrummer Books

Also available from KettleDrummer:

The Hayseed, Lance Hansen
Stapled wraps, $7.95

"Xeric Grant winner Lance Hansen presents this collection of wordless gag strips featuring the Hayseed, a very unfortunate everyman! Themes include sex, death, love, art and heartbreak. Ingmar Bergman meets Benny Hill. Hilarious! Full Color!" -KettleDrummer Books

Don't Cry, Lance Hansen
Paperback, $7.95

"Don’t Cry is about two brothers, Francis and Nicky. Francis, the older of the two, provides narration and serves as the central character of the piece. The story follows Francis throughout the course of one school year as he experiences and explores many formative events: he falls in love; encounters violence and death; and discovers sex. His relationship with Nicky, however, is the true focus of the book, as Francis comes to terms with his role as older brother to the frustrated and troubled boy." -KettleDrummer Books

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