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Saeki Toshio's Works In Music
"Tabloid-sized, Paper wrappers, $26.00
Toshio Saeki is a cult fantasy artist of Japan, known for his daydream imaginative world full of eroticism, vivid colors, and a touch of humor. He is also know for his unique style of creating art using method that is similar to the traditional Ukiyoe (17C Japanese art). So his work is universal and transcends time, but at the same time very traditional.
Presspop lovingly collected Saeki’s music posters and record covers from the 1970s to the present. Saeki has been deeply associated with the avant-garde music/art/culture scene of that time, and most of the musicians he has worked with hold cult status in Japan. Many creators of the time, including Japan’s most productive and provocative avant-garde film and theater producer and dramatist, Shuji Terayama, praise Saeki as true artist to capture the creative feel and air of Japanese avant-garde in the 70s.
In tabloid form, this book delivers Saeki’s works in large size format, with a centerfold that may be used as poster."

Tom Gauld, The Gigantic Robot
Board Book, $16.95
Published as a board book for adults, The Gigantic Robot is a wry fable concerning the production of an impressive secret weapon whose promise goes unfulfilled. Black and white.
"A perfect little book." Daniel Clowes.
"Tom Gauld turns futility, decay and eternity into sheer comic wonder. His black humor makes Beckett look timid." -Glen David Gold, Carter Beats the Devil.

Edward Gorey, The Fantod Pack: The Oracle Deck & Booklet
20 Illustrated cards with booklet in box, $9.95
"Edward Gorey's trademark sense of impending doom is nowhere more darkly humorous than in this, his version of a tarot card deck. Each of the 20 cards forecasts a list of outcomes for the user ranging from the merely unpleasant (loss of hair, breakage, thwarted ambitions) to the downright horrible (catarrh, spasms, shriveling). The 32-page booklet provides interpretation of the cards courtesy of one Madame Groeda Weyrd, who Gorey tells us "is of mixed Finnish and Egyptian extraction, has devoted her life to divination, and is the author of, among a shelf of other works, Floating Tambourines, a collection of esoteric verse, and The Future Speaks Through Entrails." Who but Gorey to make mirth from a kaleidoscope of catastrophe?"

Edward Gorey, The Gilded Bat
Hardcover, $14.95
"With his typically dark, droll humor, Edward Gorey presents the transformation of Maudie Splaytoe, a girl prone to staring at dead birds, into Mirella Splatova, a chic and mysterious prima ballerina. This woeful tale chronicles an ascent to the peak of fame, followed by an unexpected and dreadful demise. Gorey's exquisitely crafted illustrations of magical ballets, elegant drawing rooms, and stark apartments set the stage for this melodrama starring a slightly peculiar heroine. Faithfully re-released in this superb new edition, The Gilded Bat is one of the hundred or so eerily fanciful illustrated tales created by Edward Gorey (1925-2000) to the delight of his adoring fans."

Edward Gorey, The Eclectic Abecedarium
Hardcover, $9.95
Edward Gorey's first miniature book, The Eclectic Abecedarium is an illustrated adventure through the English alphabet, accompanied by rhyming couplets penned by Gorey, who described his creations as "literary nonsense." Inspired by popular moral primers for children, Gorey created an updated version of Isaac Watts' alphabetic aphorisms. Part sweet songs of unseen birds and part cautionary tales, this abecedarium fully lives up to the epithet eclectic.

Kramer's Ergot 6
The sixth, gigantomously huge volume of the lavish and highly acclaimed comics anthology. Like a huge coffee-table book of comics, it is. Lots o' full-color, with some two-color and b&w. Inlcudes work by Paper Rad, Gary Panter, Martin Cendreda, Marc Bell, Vanessa Davis, Souther Salazar, Suiho Tagawa, Ron Rege Jr., Shary Boyle, John Porcellino, many many many more.
"If there's a future for comics, Kramers Ergot seems to have bottled it. The first really new paradigm for an avant-garde comix anthology since RAW. A lavish package where the whole is even greater than the sum of its parts!" -Art Spiegelman. "A full-on plunge into the spot where contemporary visual art discovers narrative. Kramers Ergot has established itself as the center of the comics avant-garde." -Publisher's Weekly. "Kramers Ergot has become the book to watch for cutting-edge graphic narrative." - LA Weekly. "A great, varied mix of comics that somehow also manages to be aesthetically and thematically cohesive." -Ivan Brunetti. "Huge, kaleidoscopic and indulgent, Kramers Ergot is like a jawbreaker for your eye."

Jerry Moriarty, The Complete Jack Survives
Hardcover, $34.95
The definitive collection of Jerry Moriarty's celebrated comic strip, "Jack Survives," originally published in the legendary RAW Magazine. This oversized, full- color, hardcover edition gathers for the first time all of the strips and presents them in the way the author intended. Introduction by acclaimed cartoonist Chris Ware.
"Jerry's comics pages are composed with the elegant precision of an Edward Hopper painting. Self- aware, but never self- conscious; he's a storyteller sharing intimate memories. His sincere love and understanding of comics narrative led him to make comix pages that became central to RAW magazine." -Art Spiegelman.
"Being probably the most condensed, poetic effort of modern comics, this edition of Jack Survives may also be the most valuable comic art reprint of the past two decades; Moriarty's work is as fresh, sharp and heartfelt as the day he drew it, and maybe (as is frequently the case with real art) even more so." -Chris Ware.

Tom Gauld, Hunter & Painter
Paperback, $4.95
The highly-anticipated comic from esteemed British cartoonist and illustrator Tom Gauld! Masterfully understated and beautifully drawn, Hunter & Painter is a witty look at art and celebrity in 38,000 BC, when a caveman agonizes over what kind of painting to feature in his upcoming exhibition.

Yoshihiro Tatsumi, Abandon the Old in Tokyo
Hardcover, $19.95
Abandon The Old In Tokyo is the second in a three-volume series that collects the short stories of Japanese cartooning legend Yoshihiro Tatsumi. Designed and edited by Adrian Tomine, the first volume, The Push Man and Other Stories, debuted to much critical acclaim and rightfully placed Tatsumi as a legendary precursor to the North American graphic novel movement. Abandon The Old In Tokyo continues to delve into the urban underbelly of 1960s Tokyo, exposing not only the seedy dealings of the Japanese everyman but Tatsumi’s maturation as a storywriter.

Suehiro Maruo, Maruograph, Volume 1
Softcover with Slipcase, $60.00

Suehiro Maruo, Maruograph, Volume 2
Softcover with Slipcase, $60.00
Suehiro Maruo is known in the English-speaking world primarily for two graphic novels translated into English, Ultra-Gash Inferno and Mr. Arashi's Amazing Freak Show. This beautifully designed and printed volume includes several of his illustrations, in color and b&w. Delicate and grotesque, natural and surreal, subtle and graphic -- sometimes all at once.

Gary Panter
Two Volume Hardcover, Boxed Set, $95.00
Foreword by Mike Kelley. Text by Robert Storr, Doug Harvey, Edwin Pouncey, Richard Gehr, Dan Nadel, Karrie Jacobs, Bryon Coley
An intimate look at the work and life of a legendary artist. Gary Panter has been one of the most influential figures in visual culture sincethe mid-1970s. From his era-defining punk graphics to his cartoon icon Jimbo to his visionary design for Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, he has left his mark on every medium he’s touched. Working in close collaboration with the artist, PictureBox has assembled the definitive volume on Panter’s work from the early 1970s to the present. This monumental, slipcased set is split into two 350-page volumes. The first is a comprehensive monograph featuring over 700 images of paintings, drawings, sculptures, posters and comics, alongside essays by Robert Storr, Mike Kelley, Richard Klein, Richard Gehr, Karrie Jacobs and Byron Coley, as well a substantial commentary by the artist himself. The second volume features a selection from Panter’s sketchbooks–the site of some of his most audacious work–most of which has never been published in any form.
A three-time Emmy Award-winner for his production design on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse and the recipient of the 2000 Chrysler Award for Design Excellence, graphic artist Gary Panter has drawn inspiration from diverse vernacular and traditional art arenas over the course of the past four decades. Closely associated with the underground comics and music scenes on both coasts, he is responsible for designing the Screamers iconic 1970s poster, many record covers for Frank Zappa, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Residents and the ongoing comic character Jimbo. Most recently Panter has performed psychedelic light shows at the Hirschhorn Museum in Washington, D.C. and at New York’s Anthology Film Archives. He was a featured artist in the major 2006-2007 touring exhibition, Masters of American Comics.

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