Sunday, February 21, 2010

EVENT: Wed, March 3rd: Zachary German & Tao Lin Reading

Wednesday, March 3rd
at 7PM

Zachary German
Tao Lin


Zachary German's Eat When You Feel Sad:

"Moving, funny, emotional, and--in a revolutionary way--both highly-readable and avant-garde, Eat When You Feel Sad excites me very much in terms of literature and also life itself." -Tao Lin

"Zachary German's nimble, catwalking, archeological, surface dwelling, emotionally unpaved prose is a thing of total wonder and my favorite drug, language-based or otherwise. Eat When You Feel Sad is so bright and pleasurable and full of excellence, it's positively serene." -Dennis Cooper

Tao Lin:

"You don't think, "I like this guy," or "I really dislike this guy." You think, "huh." [...] Camus' "The Stranger" or "sociopath?" -Los Angeles Times

"Trancelike and often hilarious, Lin's writing is reminiscent of early Douglas Coupland, or early Bret Easton Ellis, but there is also something going on here that is more profoundly peculiar, even Beckettian [...] deliciously odd... comically despairing." -the Guardian

[Tao Lin's writing] is moving and necessary, not to mention frequently hilarious." -Miranda July

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