Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Featured Holiday Gift Ideas: Michael Hurley Comix

Uncle Gaspard joins the Navy $9.95

Uncle Gaspard 8 Track Sidetrack & Boon & Jocko in "Jesus Saves" $9.95

Boon & Jocko in "Heartbreak Hotel" & "Prayer" $9.95

Zeke Boone with Uncle Gaspard in "The Honking Duck Marina" $9.95

It's impossible to appreciate only the music of Michael Hurley. While his songs are fantastic leaps through jocularity, weirdness, tragedy, and everyday drudgery, they cannot be separated from the outlandish artwork that graces every one of his records. Whether Boone and Jocko (talking wolves) are drunkenly cavorting with inebriated hussies or just serenely floating down a river, these images perfectly encapsulate Hurley's wacko universe. Here are some self-produced comics with those same lovable degenerates.

These books, and thousands of others, can be purchased from:

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