Saturday, December 12, 2009

Featured: Holiday Gift Ideas: Devices & Objects

The Vance Orchestra
Two 10 inch shellac records each housed in two silkscreened inner sleeves contained in a silkscreened cardboard gatefold outer sleeve.
Handmade, limited to 100 copies

The vintage shellac 78s have been re-coated with a new layer (of either shellac or vinyl. I not sure which), with music by the Vance Orchestra then cut into the new coating at 45rpm. The new coating is not uniform, allowing the older recording to "bleed through" into the new recording, a bit like a kind of aural palimpsest. Of course its not so neat and tidy as all of that, with the poor arm of your turntable bouncing all over the record as both your needle and the recording are pretty much destroyed. A stunning art object, beautifully conceived and executed.

Felix Knoth (Felix Kubin)
"Die Pein vom Haupt entfernen"
One 12 inch record with attached cardboard zoetrope accompanied by 8 filmstrips and a booklet, contained in an illustrated box.

"This box-set combines a mini-LP with 8 musical tracks, with a primitive film projector called a ‘zoetrope,’ containing 8 short films. The 8 musical pieces are connected to the 8 short films,
which can be both listened to and seen on your record player. No complicated assembly kit, no risk for your record player, everything is quickly installed adding a new dimension to the medium ‘long player’. This object is an archetype in the tradition of the Tödliche Doris Box or the Vegetarian Bavarian in Exile Box. Apparently it has to be in a box. "

The Micromosaics of Harold Dalton (The Museum of Jurassic Technology)

2 View-Master reels with 6-page booklet. $24.95
The process by which Harold Dalton constructed micromosaics was a long and painstaking one. After devising a design, he would gather butterfly wings collected from the four corners of the globe. He stripped each wing of its scales using a needle and then sorted the individual scales by color, size, and shape, forming a working palette. Arranging the scales on glass slides was an equally laborious task. Using a microscope he would transfer an individual scale from palette to slide using a single boar bristle, and then position the scale using a thin glass tube through which he directed tiny puffs of air. Once in place, he adhered the scale to the slide by crushing it at one small spot against the glass. Butterfly wing scales are oily, and oil alone is in fact what holds them in place...

"Tell the Bees" Phantogram Set (The Museum of Jurassic Technology) $29.95

This set commemorates the Museum's exhibit, "Tell the Bees: Belief, Knowledge, & Hypersymbolic Cognition". The set contains eight color phantograms which measure 4"x4" each.

The Eye of the Needle (The Museum of Jurassic Technology)

Viewmaster reel with 8-page illustrated booklet containing an essay by Ralph Rugoff detailing the life and work of microminiaturist Hagop Sandaljian. $14.95
An unexpected sneeze or misdirected breath could blow away a microminiature with hurricane force, while a casual movement could sabotage the work of months. Since even a pulse in his fingers could cause an accident, Sandaldjian ultimately learned to apply his decisive strokes only between heartbeats.

Phantogram Set: Including The Great Pyramid & Noah's Ark

The phantogram is a unique form of stereoscopic drawing which when viewed with the prescribed viewer and from the proper perspective creates the extraordinary illusion of a fully dimensional object in "real" space in front of the observer. The carefully constructed geometry of this form of stereo drawing creates a remarkably convincing illusion that invites the viewer to manipulate, touch and penetrate the apparition. The phantogram set is packaged in an acid free glassine envelope and is accompanied by illustrated instructions and an appropriate anaglyphoscope (viewer). Set of two and viewer.

Black View-Master Viewer $8.95

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