Tuesday, October 27, 2009

EVENTS: Friday.Nov 6th: Zaimph & Ashtray Navigations

Friday, November 6th at 8PM
at Brickbat:


A solo project of Marcia Bassett. Bassett aka Zaimph, predominately uses guitar and vocals to createsounds that shimmer in a dark metallic buzz of sonic noise and drone,before a swift shift into blissed out ragas or crippling, brutal,white-hot noise. The organic improvised elements of Bassett’s workleave traces of eerie ghost voices and deep-space echoes that recallthe electrified ritual of nomadic Japanese avant-gardists Taj MahalTravellers — but more immediately sound like a magnification of hercontributions to Double Leopards and Hototogisu, generating towers ofelectricity that move from malevolent arcs of anti-gravity and spumesof throttled single notes into deep wormholes that do violence tofeeble notions of time and space.
Ashtray Navigations
Sub-aquatic synth bubble, busted-up cassette-tape hiss and distorted electric guitar hover that sounds like a mythical god banished from the realm of light and trying desperately to clamber his/her way out of a dark bottomless void where time itself stands still." -James Blackshaw
... I think this is IT, the pinnacle of the whole one-man-and-a-tape-machine-against-the-universe genre." -Blastitude