Saturday, September 19, 2009

EVENTS: Tue. Sept 29th: Hans Rickheit Squirrel Machine signing

Tue. Sept 29th at 6PM

Hans Rickheit
Brickbat Books
Hans Rickheit will be signing his new Fantagraphics book,
Squirrel Machine

"Squirrel Machine: A rodential ensnarement device? A mechanism for concealing one's guarded harvest? An anachronistic fable for the convulsion elite? A nugatory diversion for the subliterate?

Situated in a fictive 19th Century New England town, two brothers, Edmund and William Torpor confront public scorn when they reveal their musical creations built from strange technologies and scavenged animal carcasses. Driven to seek a concealment for their aberrant activities, they make a startling discovery. Will they divine the mystery of THE SQUIRREL MACHINE?

Coming this Autumn from Fantagraphics Books. A meticulously rendered work of anti-logic by legendary obscurantist Hans Rickheit, the nebulous individual responsible for Xeric Award winning graphic novel CHLOE and the critically acclaimed CHROME FETUS COMICS series. Critics have described his work as being "languidly decadent," "startingly unique," and "a stomach-ache on paper." Come, situate yourself at the loading docks of the subconscious and fill your brainbag with sublime cerebral serenity! "

Pre-Order Your copy of Squirrel Machine for pick-up at Tuesday's event!

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