Monday, August 3, 2009

New Arrivals: MUSIC BOOKS

Brian Eno, A Year With Swollen Appendices (PB out of print) 39.95
The year of 1995 for Brian Eno, meticulously detailed and explained.

Ben Ratliff, Coltrane (HB) 12.95
Both a biography of Coletrane's life as well as a study of his lasting influence on the jazz world written by the noted New York Times jazz critic.

Harry Partch, Genesis of a Music (PB) 22.00
A mammoth manifesto by this iconoclastic experimantal composer. Filled to the brim with ideas, just totally dense.

Chuck Eddy, The Accidental Evolution of Rock n Roll (PB) 9.95
Outlandish collection of mini-essays and smartass notions.

Rob Young, Rough Trade (PB) 18.95
Comprehensive documentation of the long-standing London DIY store/label, from Metal Urbain to the Hidden Cameras.

Valerie Wilmer, As Serious as Your Life (PB) 7.95
The first word on Fire Music. What other book has delved into the life and times of practically every important artist behind the New Thing?

Lester Bangs, Mainlines Blood Feasts and Bad Taste (PB) 8.95
Collection of rock essays by the undisputed king of "degnerate drool".

Legs McNeil, Please Kill Me (PB) $9.95
Classic oral history of the NY punk scene. Plenty of gruesome gossip and wild tales of puke n' roll.

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