Saturday, July 25, 2009


Jean-Luc Godard: Son + Image (Hardcover) $75.00 (out of print)

Wade Schuman: Aspects of View $8.95 (out of print)

Albert Pinkham Ryder (Paper wraps) $29.95 (out of print)

Joseph Beuys: Postkarten (Boxed set of loosely-bound postcards) $75.00

Thomas Cole (Hardcover) $49.95 (out of print)

Anselm Kiefer (Paper wraps) $29.95 (out of print)

Winslow Homer (Paper wraps) $29.95

Fra Angelico: The Light Of The Soul (Hardcover) $65.00 (out of print)

Jean Dubuffet (Hardcover) $115.00 (out of print)

Willem De Kooning: Paintings (Paper wraps) $27.95 (out of print)

Giorgio De Chirico and The Myth Of Ariadne (Paper wraps) $49.95
(out of print)

Joseph Cornell/ Marcel resonance (Paper wraps) $75.00
(out of print)

Cindy Sherman (paper wraps) $115.00 (out of print)

Martin Kippenberger: Bermuda Triangle ( 2 volume set in illustated cardboard box with ephemera, ltd edition) $99.00

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