Saturday, July 25, 2009

NEW ARRIVAL: The Horrifying Presence and Other Tales by Jean Ray

Often compared to Lovecraft and Poe, Jean Ray (Jean-Raymond-Marie De Kremer) is one of the pioneers of fantastic literature. Although he authored hundreds of stories, most of his work had fallen out of print by the 1940s. It wasn't until he was championed by Raymond Queneau that his reputation was confirmed and his masterpiece, Malpertuis, was brought back into print. A collection of stories was published in the 1960s by Berkley, and Malpertuis has been translated and published by Atlas Press, but today his work remains unavailable in the United States.

The Horrifying Presence and Other Tales by Jean Ray
a sewn hardcover book with illustrated boards and a black and white frontispiece. Edition limited to 300 copies. 305pp.
$88.00 SOLD!

The Story of the Wûlkh
I Have killed Alfred Heavenrock
The Inn of Spectres
The Black Mirror
The Graveyard Guardian
The Man Who Dared
The Night at Camberwell
Cousin Passeroux
The Head of Mr. Ramberger
The Bench and the Door
In the Fenn Marshes
Between Two Glasses
The Monsters at the Window
The White Beast
The Horrifying Presence
Rounde Dance at Koenigstein
The Formidable Secret of the Pole
House for Sale
The Choucroute
M. Wohlmut and Franz Benschneider
The Night at Pentoville
God, You and I . . .
The Moustiers Plate
The Prettiest Little Girl in the World
The Wedding of Mademoiselle Bonvoisin
The Tesseract

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Netherscurial said...

Is The Horrifying Presence and Other Tales still available for sale?


Brickbat said...

Fortunately we have been able to restock The Horrifying Presence, but unfortunately the publisher has raised the price by $10. We are now charging $88.00.