Saturday, July 18, 2009

FEATURED: Barry Gifford Part One: Fiction

Gifford is one of the original "post-beat" writers, with a serious noir obsession. One of the original editors of the Black Lizard Press, he was responsible for reviving the careers of Jim Thompson, David Goodis, and other pulp writers, as well as popularizing the term "noir fiction" in the U.S. He started writing in the late sixties/early seventies. Much of his fiction mixes hard boiled noir with a kind of French surrealism (or South/Southwestern Gothic.) Perhaps a druggy, sleazy Paul Auster. He wrote the novel Wild at Heart, and ended up as David Lynch's preferred screenwriter for most of the 90s.
The first post is a listing of trade fiction available (hardback and paperback.) Post number two is devoted to chapbooks, self-published pamphlets, original art and private press publications. Most of it is signed, and most of it is out of print. The final post is a collection of non-fiction work.

Sailor's Holiday, (HB) $11.95 (PB) $8.95

Wild at Heart, (HB 1st edition) $25

Port Tropique, (PB 1st edition) $14.95

New Mysteries of Paris, (PB) $8.95

An Unfortunate Woman, (PB) $8.95, (HB) $11.95

Night People, (HB 1st edition 2nd printing) $9.95

A Good Man to Kknow, (HB out of print) $14.95

Memories from a Sinking Ship, (HB) $12.95

Landscape with Traveler, (HB out of print) $14.95

Francis Goes to the Seashore, (HB out of print) $14.95

These books, and thousands of others, can be purchased from:

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